Tuesday, 7 October 2008

rules are there to be broken

well, just got back from London last night, very tired
had a wonderful weekend with the boyfriend who now lives in a cute flat above the village vets and behind the church, cute!
we went to the National Portrait Galley where i completely geeked out and loved it, dined on delicious noodles in the rain by China town, trawled the bookstores of Soho, discovered Brick Lane, fell in love with it and ate too many crepes (while in the rain again!) and generally had a good time!
i'd forgotten how much i missed London, have definitely made up my mind to move there after university.

In particular i loved Brick Lane with its market and vintage stores. i finally got to visit The Lazy Ones store and pine over the beautiful dresses, and also discovered Lik & Neon (an awesome tiny store filled with treasures and the owners friendly cats) and Luna & Curious (where i fell in love with a beautiful white feathered cape). so many beautiful things i wanted to take home with me but had to behave and remember the £100 i just spent on the Emma Cook boots.

i might as well own up now though, i didn't exactly come back with nothing ^_^
my sneaky lil purchases;
- a black sparkly t-shirt dress from the old faithful charity shops in Chislehurst
- a Wound CD from Lik & Neon
- some vintage transfer tattoos for a friend from Lik & Neon
- vintage chain and leather bag from Rodkit in Brick Lane
- a 1950's edition of T.S. Elliot's 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats' for my mother
- a white tee and a shiny tube bra from American Apparel
- some cute leopard print shorts from Topshop
- and a beautiful black feathered waistcoat from Topshop (i feel a feather addiction coming on!)

ok, so the 'no clothes for a month' rule hasn't worked out well so far......
im rubbish at rules anyway!


mybeaumonde said...

i love the lazy ones store...the owners are soo cute! your post makes me miss london x

SJ said...

i love living in london there are so many amazing different places to discover if you make the effort.
you should definitely move here after uni! ;)

Nat&Dieg said...

hey! thanks for come around! xx

Hushy said...

I know exactly how you feel! I keep trying to save money but it's not happening. I'm hoping to move to London after Christmas so I'm really gonna have to make more of an effort not to buy at random :P