Thursday, 30 October 2008


picture from The Kills

i was tagged by styleCHILD there (thank you!) so i shall fill this out while watching Murder She Wrote and eating Skips, bliss!

six random things about me;
1) i spent most of my childhood traveling back and forth to Europe and little islands off Japan because of my dad's job, i am forever grateful for that
2) i have a dislike of doctors and most medication believing it to be useless
3) i have one scar on all of my limbs including my head
4) i have a fear of small churches and a phobia of people of touching the top of my head
5) i cannot whistle (to my great disappointment)
6) i once appeared in the Sunday Times magazine when i was a baby sitting in a tub wearing a giant flowery hat

six random things i like;
1) cheese!!i could LIVE on the stuff
2) the feel of grass under my feet, i'd never wear shoes if i could!
3) a good irish whiskey on the rocks
4) when my dog stella jumps like a gazelle through long grass - it makes me smile
5) collecting old photos and books with inscriptions in them
6) jumping into bed with my boyfriend when there's rain or a storm outside

six random things i do not like;
1) people with bad manners
2) socks being left on the floor
3) when i cant afford to do anything!
4) when its really cold in the morning, too cold to get out of bed
5) cheap rings that turn your fingers green
6) the way that every sandwich in M&S has either meat or fish or mayonnaise in them,yuck!

now to pass on the fun, i tag Flying Saucer, Yeah Whatever... and Dress Up To Get Down


Hushy said...

I can't whistle either! I just can't figure it out :P

DaisyChain said...

I totally agree with the M&S sandwiches lol.
Sorry, that kind of just jumped out at me =)

SJ said...

Cheap rings that turn your fingers green!! it drives me mad!!! >~<