Monday, 20 October 2008


so im back :)

arrived in from the airport last night and found myself too tired to unpack but awake enough to catch up on the world of blogs!
thank you everyone for the nice comments, the week went fine, was glad to spend a few days curled up with the dog and my mother. i don't think its completely sank in my grandmother is gone, but im told these things take time... for now though im going to throw myself into university essays and coursework and get as many hours in at Topshop so i can afford that trip to Paris in the new year.

anyways, here's what was waiting on my bed for me when i got back;
1. a white cat mask i ordered off eBay for £2, i plan to go as a white cat this Hallo-ween
2. a pretty bra from Topshop - yes, i did actually own this before, but i was silly and refunded it then regreted it and had to order it off the site again, silly me.

oh and a big thank you to miss woo for the award!
cheered me up a great deal :)

so to pass on the happy, im giving awards to these lovely bloggers for cheering up the now very rainy days;
Dress Up To Get Down
Thats Just My Vibe
Yeah Whatever


Demi said...

glad you enjoyed your time away :)
lovely mask!
could we trade links please?

Miss Woo said...

Glad things went okay :) and I love that bra so much! Do you know if they still stock it in the website as I sadly could not find it :(


hey just shopped your blog
lovin' it

Hushy said...

Thank you so much lady! That's very kind of you :)
I was so sorry to hear about your Grandma the other day :( xx

DaisyChain said...

welcome back <3

Sara Louise said...

aw thank you so much! hope you're ok now, i know how hard it is to cope with losing someone,especially when far away from

elisabeth said...

thanks for all the nice comments guys :) my nan was the coolest lady ever, will miss her like mad, but glad she's finally with my granda now xo

Nita-Karoliina said...

lovely bra! i want those!

Alice said...

I'm glad everything went ok.
I lost both my grandmothers last year, one being on my sisters wedding day. You never notice how much people mean to you until they're gone.
And that bra is beautiful, damn my unemployment!!! :)