Saturday, 25 October 2008

well thank you to all those people who for a Saturday at Topshop during the sales, actually made work bearable, maybe my plee in the last post worked hurrah!
this is what i wore today;
(coat - vintage from Belfast, bodycon skirt - Topshop, tee - Boutique, boots - Emma Cook)

when i looked at these pictures i actually cringed when i realised i was wearing so many trends together; fur, plaid, leopard print, goth etc etc
yet it didn't actually stop me from leaving the house looking like this?maybe that strange Scottish whiskey i drank last night was still in my system?!


Anonymous said...

Man, i really love your boots. Oh, if only I could walk in such a high heel...

DaisyChain said...

I want those boots so badly!

And for wearing so many trends toghether,
well, it doesn't look like you are. You look awesome.

hrose said...

woah! i love everything about this outfit, boots, tights, coat (love the collar)... you look great! mashing trends together is fun and fearless. :D

oh, and about aggy, in order for me to appreciate her as a model i need to completely block out everything else about her, and sometimes it's just not worth it. her style, her name, her pretensions, the way she expresses herself, her sense of humour... ugh, sometimes it's just too much! purely as a model i think she is one of the best today, but as a whole... you just get tired of her so easily, and that's a problem if she wants to sick around.

so that's my two cents. :D
hope you had a lovely weekend (it's sunday night here in australia).

Alice said...

Thank you for the comment :)

I'm not really a heel person but I can run in the peacock boots!
Admittidly I bought them firstly because they looked wicked but secondly because I wanted to wear them all the time!
Though I did wear them last night after spending 12 hours waiting around for rollercoasters at Fright Night the day before and my feet didn't thank me!
But generally they are pretty comfy!

And I must say that I love that coat! The fur trim is making me want to raid some vintage shoppes :)

laurakinss said...

ahh seeing that i finally know what looks good with leopard print tights!!! i want those boots so badly...!!!

SICK. said...

MOST. BEAUTIFUL. JACKET. I. HAVE. EVER. SEEN. the fur collar just makes it so perfect and chic-looking.
and it looks awesome paired with the leopard print.


SJ said...

the reason this look rocks is because apart from all the pieces being awesome you look comfortable in what you're wearing. it's the most fun to not give a crap what people think and wear whatever the hell u feel like.

Rosie Posie said...

I really really love your blog, and all your amazing outfits, so have tagged you :) look forward to seeing what you put!!


Victoria-Olivia said...

I think it all works together though, and it doesnt scream trend whore at all. I especially love your coat, so lovely.

Miss Woo said...

It works well though, plaid and leopard print is an great combo.

and your blog is doing terrible things to my wallet ;) I spotted the peacock boots today and end up buying then, damn!

Anna Pope said...

I think you look fab. Those tights are perfect!

Martha said...

i really love the emma cook boots, strangely to me they look comfy =]

Klarz said...

the jacket is amazing!! If you ever decide to sell youur man :)