Wednesday, 12 November 2008



a few scary thoughts that woke me in the middle of the night;
- crap, i have 3 weeks to get 4 assignments done!!
- im turning 21 next offically an adult now :(
- im SO poor!yet im still going to get that blazer from Monki even though it will leave me with no money for the rest of the month
- i've just managed to cut my toe open and bleed all over the kitchen,ouch!

its so hard to sleep when you cant shut down your brain.

p.s. - i threw a few things up on eBay recently in a bid to get rid of that suitcase full of unworn clothes under my bed, its still more than half full, oh dear!


Anonymous said...

assignments are hell. You end up thinking that sleep is a waste of time. Good luck with it all!

SJ said...

oh sweets...don't worry about turning 21 there's still plenty more fun to be had!

Mila said...

Amazing photographs! <3 careful dear! ;)

I know exactly what you mean by not getting to sleep while your brain is way too active.
It works for me to only go to bed when i am REALLY tired..



Fashion Fille said...

lovely photos, terrible thoughts running through your mind! stress sucks. good luck for your near future!

Big Daddy said...

That second picture is just perfect, the shoes, the fur, oh everything!!

JouJou Loves You said...

I've gone hungry for fashion before...and each time it was totally worth it.