Saturday, 29 November 2008


i think im offically in love with these tights from Urban Outfitters, i can see them looking quite interesting over various coloured tights (and not so much my pale legs!)
(faux fur - New Look, sheer t-shirt and bodycon skirt - Topshop, tights - Urban Outfitters, brogues - charity shop)

as usual i always leave choosing my uniform for work until the last minute, this time i really struggled to find anything that i didnt already own or that would be approved (theres like a million rules to what we can/cant have!). especially at this time of the year as the managers want us to dress up in glitter/sequins and anything bright... which you know, just isnt me!
lucky the store manager was really nice to me and let me have these three items as long as i promised to 'jazz' them up;
(drop crotch pants - £22, oversized zip t-shirt - £28, tassle loafers - £50)

all this for the amazing price of £25, i couldn't stop smiling on my out of the store :)
hope everyone is having a good weekend as well!


Laura MW said...

LOL at the ending comment of "I hope you guys are all having a nice weekend" just after your other comment of "all this for £25!".
You expect me to have a nice weekend now?!
I love the tights too and the brogues as well.
I would like to see your sparkly-christmassy-jazzy outfit all together.


selinaoolala said...

the tights are lovely! definitely hunting them out in UO tomorrow, although I just bought 4 new pairs of tights today woops...oh how i would kill for 75% topshop discount, all i get is a freebie debenhams uniform which is not pretty!

Hannah. said...

Bright colours and sparkle *shudders*
I could seriously use a job at Topshop. It's the only place where I can spend all of my not so hard earned cash in one go.

FashionSqueah! said...

I so envy the Topshop employees at uniform time (though it sucks that you can't just have anything you want!) I love the shoes you got, so sweet! Char x

Natalie said...

I love that zip tee! I am actually envious of your discount, even though I get discount a pretty good discount from ASOS. But I doubt we will ever sell TS unfortunately!

Miss Woo said...

I wish where I work have a dress code where I HAVE to wear sequins actually, that would make it so much interesting.

and love the tights on you, I'm so tempted to order them now. Your blog is really tempting me financial ruin ;)

Victoria-Olivia said...

I found the tights while I was away at the weekend, did they have two colour options online?! They look lovely on you, I was tempted to wear mine to work today, they are just too good!

claire said...

OH MY GAWD topshop i will sll my soul to you for your horrendously good staff discounts??

y-s xx

Vintage Tea said...

I saw these shoes when I was in Topshop the other week and they were so cute!

lisa said...

love that faux fur coat & zip tee!
kisses from las vegas