Sunday, 2 November 2008



i found an old Halloween picture of mine i took when i was dressed as a zombie Alice in Wonderland, i adored this outfit, it was the first Halloween i went all out and used my mother's old lace skirt from the 80's and some pearls and holely tights (i tried to iron them and they melted, whoops!).

i miss those days, everything seemed a lot easier when all you had to worry about was getting through the week at high school so you could spend the weekend down at the pub and the beach and sit out all night talking with cute grudge/skater boys about 'life' until the sun rose.

man, i feel old!


Anonymous said...

oh i agree: high school seemed so much easier and carefree, even safer, because you belonged in a certain "group"...

Liv said...

I love how this picture has a really similar vibe to the previous one, even though they were taken years apart. Very cool.

Nita-Karoliina said...

thanks so much for help elisabeth :)
i have to check them out, i may go there in couple of weeks..sunit is coming here now :)
and thanks for lovely comment <3