Thursday, 27 November 2008

all it takes is a little velvet

thanks guys for the sympathy messages yesterday :) i realise that its just the weather and assignments talking, and everyone seems to be in the same boat
so onwards and upwards as they say!

maybe it helps that i received a parcel from the vintage Etsy store Vintagous today. i ordered a gorgeous pair of velvet leggings (they seem to be like gold dust on eBay!) and a beautiful antique ring. as an extra surprise Anna from Vintagous even threw in a cute kids letter E ring as well, she made my day :)
p.s. - there's still a few hours of the day left to get 20% off Urban Outfitters online!
i ordered those lace tights and instead of the flask (im saving that purchase for when i get home!) i instead ordered some lip rescue for this colder weather.
i seem to notice that my friends and i were supplied with the same code for the 20% so i don't know if it'll work or not but if you've got money to burn and would like a little discount, the code you need to enter is XMAS95
just don't tell them i told you ;)


laurakinss said...

love those leggings, i tried really hard to find some on ebay but i've given up on them now :O
that ring is fantastic too
feel better, this time of year is always so depressing!!! xx

FashionSqueah! said...

I swear I nearly bought those exact leggings! The girl in the picture was wearing them with like red cowboy boots, yeah? I was just so scared they'd be too short for me, but what a small world! Char x

Nita-Karoliina said...

love that ring and pants!!! good that you feel better xo

Stephanie said...

i have been looking for a pair of leggings like that for ages, they are really lovely. I love when they are work with frilly white socks, but that could just be me being weird. The ring is really lovely to, I must go and check out that seller.

Divinity Avenue said...

That ring is lovely...

Ah, A said...

I wondering about the last photograph. The ring... You bought that? Where'd you get it at? and for how much?

(: greatly appreciate it if you could tell moi.