Monday, 17 November 2008

boys boys boys

while 'surfing' the net, ie NOT doing any work i came across these two handsome guys via Dublin Streets

i particularly love the second picture - his denim shirt, loose tee, black jeans and armband, lets not forget that hair.very nice!
it seems guys are dressing better and better these days, although i do admit there isn't many around the Stoke area!


Anonymous said...

Guys are def dressing better these days! The guys in Glasgow are hot, you should get yourself up here to the dancing haha. ur blogs wicket mate!

FashionSqueah! said...

Oh for a boy who makes an effort (however slight) with his appearance...Edinburgh is so lacking in suitable boys! Char x

Rosie Posie said...

No there really arent many who dress like that from here in stoke are there??? :D (although I do have my boyfriend here with me, who I think is rather gorgeous, so thats ok!!)

Nice pictures as per usual!!!


hrose said...

wow. like the look of that second boy!
they look very cool, and especially love the hair.
mmmmmmmm. :D
that post just brightened my day a little. ;)

Anonymous said...

...or the dublin area funnily enough.


no it is improving. but there isn't a whole lot of originality. not that i'm helping the situation like.

Anna Pope said...

I would definitely not mind meeting the first boy while out on the town ;D