Wednesday, 5 November 2008

good morning america!

wow, who would've believed it, that in our lifetime we would see America elect an African American as their President !!im super excited and so pleased that McCain and that scary Sarah Palin women didn't win. I do feel sorry for Obama though that he's got such a hard job ahead of him after Bush's time in power, it sort of reminds me of Brown coming into power after Blair, or any President/Prime minister who come into power after a war or depression. lets hope Obama gets what he wants done :)
yesterday's outfit;
(leather jacket - Look, sheer tee - Boutique, skirt - vintage from Brick Lane, scarf - charity shop in Oxford, tights - M&S, boots - vintage from eBay)

recently i've been in contact with Flippa the Swedish blogger who can purchase Swedish clothing for you that you cant usually get in the UK. i've been wanting to contact her for a long time now but was always worried about the cost etc, but after seeing Selina purchase items successfully i thought i'd give it a shot. of course my obsession with Monki means i definitely want to order something from them, so after long long long thoughts i whittled it down to this blazer;
i love everything about this jacket, its cut, shape and colour and i've never seen anything like it available in the UK so it's definitely my first choice. now comes the hard part, the costs.....
the jacket its self works out at around £40 plus Flippa's service costs and postage would bring the total up to around £70,eek!
this is definitely my poorest month so i would have to sell loads of stuff on eBay or maybe wait until my birthday later this month to get it.

so what do you guys think?is it worth £70?
or should i just forget about it, like that Velour cat t-shirt it seems i'm never going to get my hands on?


Anonymous said...

while it's an awesome blazer I do think that you can get "better" blazers out there. Perhaps it's osmething that needs to be seen on someone to really appreciate its cut.

And I love your scarf :)

hrose said...

that blazer is definitely worth the 70 from the photo... it looks well cut and designed, very chic, and such a staple in a wardrobe. IT also looks like it might me made out of good material as well, which means that it is a good buy to make. I am searching for a blazer like that too, i really want one for my wardrobe, and would be willing to put down the equivalent in AUS dollars for it.

your outfit is lovely as always! that skirt and that jacket are both very cute. skirts and jackets are my favourite elements of an outfit, always, and yours are always great!


Nita-Karoliina said...

can u suggest me some nice vintage/thrift stores from london? i go there so often cos my man lives there. street and name of the place? i really love ur outfit xo

DaisyChain said...

It certainly looks worth £70. If I had the money, I'd buy it. But I am now poor after an epic spend up this week.

(I'm super happy Obama won too, it's all we talked about at college!)

Katie said...

It looks good and you like it alot so it is worth it. I really want something like that because all i have is carddigans and coats but that blazer looks really modern and goes with alot of different outfits.
So go for it, its not like your spending £70 on nothing because your going to use it and you do like it alot :)

clairegrenade said...

GREAT scarf!!!

& great balance of colors!

Anonymous said...

Love Love your scarf <3