Saturday, 15 November 2008

saturday is the new sunday


with not working on saturdays much these days, its beginning to feel like a sunday.
today i wore my recently bleached and distressed tee, went for a long walk to the shops, and curled up in bed and read the latest edition of Dazed and Confused

oh and good news!i'm just in the process of ordering the blazer im after from Monki, so fingers crossed some time next week i will have my hands on a beautiful new blazer :)


Anonymous said...

ur t-shirt is cool as :)

I also want a new blazer but it just costs too m uch for my bank account to handle...

FashionSqueah! said...

You are so lucky to have Saturdays off...I am never off on a Saturday! Oh the familiar pain of waiting for a beloved item to arrive from somewhere outside the UK, I hope your blazer gets here quickly! I totally agree with you on the feathered things in the previous post too, they are just lovely. Char x

chlozzard said...

With saterdays being the new sundays it surely means more shopping time.. Kitty x

Laura MW said...

Yay for finally deciding on the blazer!
I love love the t-shirt. I'm sorry if I've stupidly missed a post on how you did that - but how did you do that to it?


Big Daddy said...

i have been wanting to do a shirt like that for a while, jealous cause yours looks great! I also love that necklace on it.

DaisyChain said...

Love that t-shirt,

and yay for getting the blazer =)

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Great photos!! Love the lighting! Love your blog btw!

withasianstereotypes said...

I love your little skelanimals plush haha sorry >_> I know this is a fashion blog not a cuteness blog.