Thursday, 6 November 2008

things are looking up

i had two really good pieces of news yesterday :)
first off i got a call from the Flagship Topshop in Belfast (an absolutely beautiful store and so nice to shop in!) to let me know that they were more than happy to take me on over this Christmas holidays, meaning i now don't have to spend the holidays on my own in Stoke-on-Trent. yay!!!
I'm so excited about the transfer as i means i can spend more time in Belfast with family and old friends, its funny how you never appreciate a place until you move away from there!(i lived there before my parents dragged us to the countryside)

now here's the even better news!!.....
my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with a phone call last night to tell me he had just purchased my birthday present; tickets for us to see THE CURE(!!!) in February at the NME Big Gig!!!
i actually danced in the kitchen and nearly hyperventilated when i heard, i cannot even begin to explain how much i love The Cure!!throughout all my life i have constantly listened to their albums again and again, in fact the very first music i ever remember hearing was The Cure's album Disintegration.
so yes, i have the greatest boyfriend in the world and this is going to be the greatest gig of my life and in February prepare for me to completely geek out ^_^


laurakinss said...

ohh you lucky lucky thing!!
i tried to get tickets to the nme big gig and i couldn't, i was so upset!!
have a great time!!!
:) x

Megs said...

Oh, that is lovely, the Cure are fabbity, I have seen them tons and think that their Prayer tour was definitely tops, Robert Smith was so lovely then, that skin & those words...enjoy, and yes, your bf is darling, as is the band live :)