Monday, 17 November 2008

welcome to my cosy corner

with over 10,000 words to write in the next two weeks i've become a bit of a hermit, either curling up on my bed or in the corner of my room below the glow of my ikea heart light. apologies for the lack of outfit posts or any sort of 'normal' post, until i get through these next 3 weeks i am a slave to my psychology coursework and philosophy dissertation.
is anyone else bogged down with uni/school work?

my flights have officially been booked and my transfer to Belfast's Topshop is confirmed, so over the month of December i will be splitting my time between life in Belfast (its the new Dublin don't you know!) and the pubs/ beaches of the north coast, hooray!!

p.s. i had to cancel the MK and Ashley book after receiving an email from Amazon saying my order would be over a month late :(
thankfully there is a few people providing the book on eBay via the US so if your wanting it before Christmas i recommend getting it from there!


Hannah said...

Eurgh I'm so bogged down with work and it's only my first year?! I really want that book too!

Anonymous said...

I'll be the same for the next two weeks - all my stuff is due November 28th. I feel your pain!

Love the heart light :)

Amy x

Rosie Posie said...

I love the pictures, stunning :)

The heart light is beautiul, and I really want that book!! and I am still enjoying your posts even if you dont feel they're 'normal' :)

I too am very busy with uni work at the moment, so much to do, so little time, so many distractions!!


Hannah. said...

Very bogged down, especially by Art. And facing getting kicked off Maths a/s. Need help quick!

I really want that Morrissey watch.