Tuesday, 2 December 2008

its a snow day

linda scheynius

can you believe its actually snowing?!
there's a proper snow blizzard outside my window. as a result i decided to give my philosophy lecture a miss and instead have a go at setting my new sewing machine up.

im now currently wrapped in several layers sitting at the window sewing to my hearts content. already i have managed to alter the velour leggings and fashion myself a gorgeous bodycon skirt out of the dark blue velvet i bought yesterday :)
yes... i realise i still have a lot of assignments to do before Saturday, but its far to cold today to give a dahm about the nature of the universe or how children's brains develop!i'd rather do this instead

the book i ordered from Linda Scheynius also arrived this morning (its so beautiful, i adore her photography) along with a pretty little lace bra i ordered from eBay
so smiles all round i'd say :)


laurakinss said...

oh i wish i could use a sewing machine - i was always useless at textiles at school! the skirt sounds lovely, can't wait to see photos!!!

FashionSqueah! said...

I say it's good to have a relaxing day when the weather is really disgusting, no point being in the snow unless you're playing in it or going somewhere important! Can't wait to see the skirt you made! Char x

Anonymous said...

I am so envious at your ability to sew using a sewing machine :) Sounds like fun!

Stephanie said...

The thought of snow is just so exciting for me. You probably take it for granted just how amazingly dreamy snow around Christmas is! My friend made me look at Lina Scheynius work a while back, and it really is amazing. I might just have to invest in her book for Christmas.

Chloe's Chic Conception said...

Oh I'm obsessed with Lina Scheynius photography! Soo beautiful! I might just have to order that book now that you've shown me :)

I am in Michigan for a business meeting and it is snowing here too! It's so cold...I need some cozy clothing :)

Soul Tanggg said...

great photos

DaisyChain said...

I am so jealous you get snow. West country never, ever gets it.

Laura MW said...

Snow = WHERE? There is no snow here in London :(

And I'm excited to see this skirt. Plus, you have inspired me to take a further look into how to work my sewing machine! My granny gave it to me in the summer, before she passed away, and I think I owe it to her (who taught me how to sew) to put it to good use. Thanks!


hrose said...

oooh what beautiful beautiful pics. i've never heard of linda scheynius before, but clearly she is a real talent.
i'm off to go check out more of her work. it is so... haunting... :D

withasianstereotypes said...

I am loving the pictures baby. It can't snow in San Diego but in the mountains sometimes it will. Which reminds me I have to go up soon. I adore the bra baby >_> (I don't know if that sounded weird)I can't wait to see the skirt! Ahhhhh the absoulute tenshion! I'm sure it's lovely honey.

with love. China Le

Wends said...

beautiful, it reminds me of josh goot
here's something you might like, baby blog of brisbane, in a sleepy city where everyone know everybody....art, photography, fashion



Sunshine said...

Beautiful photos!