Thursday, 4 December 2008


from the fashion spot

after obsessing over 'who is this guy with wolves tattooed down his arm in the marc jacobs ads?'
i was so excited to finally find out it is Cole Mohr, friend of Alice Dellal and Cory Kennedy.
the reason i have been obsessing over him?... his tattoos. i love them!
its made me crave another tattoo very badly even more so with China Le's post on tattoos.
i had sort of promised my father and my grandmother that i wouldn't get another tattoo, but that isnt going to happen and as soon as i get a chance when im home this Christmas, im definitely getting one or two more done.
my idea for a tattoo.....
a unicorn on the front of my arm (where i usually wear the temporary hello kitty ones)
i dont know why but i just love unicorns and love the idea of having one sketched on my arm.
another idea is to have the letter 'R' tattooed on the inside of my ankle in sort of memory of my grandfather.

so hopefully by this time next month you'll see me with at least one new tattoo :)
then father i promise i wont get anymore!.....maybe


MOLLY GRAY said...

yeah he is gorgeous, he has done a lot of pictorials for ELLE Argentina, if i have time i'll scan them..

Miss Woo said...

Ah Cole, he's not really my type but I do think he's very interesting looking.

and dig all the word tats he has too!

Laura MW said...

I wanna know what the small text on his stomach/chest says - my eyes can't read it!

And the unicorn is really cute! But I have a personal thing about tattoos; when I get any (I have to wait 2 years before its legal :( ) I want them to be meaningful, ie. my grandmothers initials on my wrist, which will be my first.
I think the initial of your grandfather on your ankle is a beautiful idea and less likely to provoke your granny and dad.


elisabeth said...

he has the words 'houston' and 'texas' on his arms (his birthplace)and 'everyday of my life' on the side of his chest.

i love initial tattoos because only you know what they stand for.

Stephanie said...

I have wanted a tattoo for so long, but amidst all my ideas never have the guts to actually go out and get one. The unicorn is adorable, you should defiantly get it. Plain black sketched tattoos are amazing.

Anonymous said...

ahhh tats are gorge... i wish my mother wouldn't disown me for getting a tat, otherwise I'd have a serpent around my ankle or the chinese character for love on my wrist (as cliched as it sounds)

elisabeth said...

my family were terrible when i got my first one!
my father didnt talk to me all day and then my uncle and aunt sent text messages saying how disappointed they were in me, apparently i'd gone awol and 'off the rail'
lol i laugh about it now, but boy it was scary how angry everyone was with me!
just wait 'til you move out of the house, then they cant complain!

withasianstereotypes said...

Ah, I would love to see the tattoo when you get it done. Sexy girls have unicorn tattoos haha. Tahnks for the mention baby.

&hearts, China Le

laurakinss said...

i love the unicorn idea, it looks cute and would look amazing on! what tattoo do you already have, if you don't mind me asking? x

elisabeth said...

i have just a little star on my right wrist :)

and thanks china le :D lol

Anonymous said...

wow he is super foxy

ELLE said...

Oh I want a tattoo but I will never be able to decide on what to get. My mind changes too quickly!

Anna Pope said...

I love him and his tattoos are the first thing that caught my attention. I have such a soft spot for gorgeous ink!

Maddi said...

I love the unicorn idea x] as long as you won't regret it when you get older.. unless you can afford that laser-treatment stuff. If so, you're lucky.

Wends said...

you'd would love this: photo of peaches geldof's new tatt


devon maid. said...

ooh! he is nice:)
I really like the unicorn!