Friday, 29 February 2008

my outfits

thanks to my little sister Eleanor who came across this post * when she googled my name! seems my outfit planning interested someone on a smashing pumpkins forum lol.

i admit when i have an exciting event ahead i get a little excited and usually have my outfit planned weeks in advance, but on a day to day basis its whatever falls out of my wardrobe first!lol.
i wish i was one of those people that naturally pick out amazing outfits in one go, but unfortunetly i usually have to sit in front of my wardrobe for an hour or so before i have a brainwave.

* unfortunetly i did not wear the outfit mentained in the post, i changed my mind at the last moment, and no i am not actually german but was born in zweibrucken (w.germany) and lived there for a couple of years, i wish i could speak better german but im crap at it!

there IS a god!


they have brought back the gorgeous crossover platforms i have been lusting over since last year. after having closely missed buying a pair last year i had been hunting them down on ebay only to find them going for £70 plus on most on them :(

so i am over the moon to find that they have brought them back in 4 different colours,i MUST have the purple ones!!!

a busy week

this week i have been very busy between going to university in the morning and work in the afternoon, i havnt had much of a chance to blog unfortunetly.
thankfully Robin has been here to keep me sane and very kindly meet me after work each day :]

i choose my last item of uniform and went ahead with the lil black sailer dress;

got lots of lovely compliments when i wore it last night with my purple tights and my lil heeled brogues;

havnt had much of a chance to take many pictures either unfortunetly but here's what i wore yesterday to ancient philosophy lecture (which for once i actually completely understood horray!)i am in love with this skirt ^_^ not one for girly floral prints these colors go alot better in my wardrobe than i originally thought, the more i wear it, the more that i like it :]

also managed to finally tidy my room, im working at redoing my wall when i next get a chance!also recieved the greatest parcal from my mum yesterday. i always look forward to her parcels as they usually contain sweets or other lil treats ^_^. this time she sent me a beautiful cotton bag for shopping, an earing i had lost, and this;

a receipt she found in one of my old Zara coats (she has now sent to a charity shop, darn it)

hmmmmm seems my mother now knows i frequently skived school to go the shops and quite often the pub!lol

plans for today are;
  • 11-3 in topshop,do more till training!
  • pick up some tulips in town
  • go for a walk along the canal with Robin
  • make a yummy dinner ^_^
  • head out to Hanley for a night - to the Sugermill

Monday, 25 February 2008

lectures cancelled

today was a good day. i got up early to tidy my room and get ready for a psychology lecture which to my delight in the end was cancelled. overjoyed by this and the sugar in the lovehearts (which my boyfriend sent me in the post ^_^) i kinda half danced half tidied my room in glee.

im excited as well because my boyfriend Robin will be catching as train up from London tomorrow to stay the week - i am happy!
this week we shall go on lots off walks along the canal and go on a lil date this saturday to celebrate a year and a half together :]
thus i am excited about tomorrow and cannot draw myself to do my proposal for ethics of practice *sigh*
oh well!

anyways i am also happy because i have found a reasonable priced pair of brouges (yes i am obsessed with brogues at the moment) on the office site for £40 !!
i MUST have them!!-since i can no longer afford the pair from Topshop :(

aren't they beautiful ^_^ they would so ace with skinnys and a mac!

and yes i know i am on a budget but i really do need shoes that arent pumps or boots!lol

over the weekend

didnt get much of a chance to blog over the weekend due to work, so here's a brief of what i did get up to (not that exciting!);
  • friday: worked in topshop all day, purchased 'mannish' trousers for a fiver in the Gap sale; i love them ^_^
  • saturday: worked in topshop, went to Fatcats afterwards for drinks and nachos to bid goodbye to Hayden and Caroline at their leaving do. i got in a huff because they didnt have my favourite whiskey lol
  • sunday: worked again, did till training for a couple of hours - scary!purchased another item for my uniform;
a gorgeous mesh/cotton top with layered frills, this top sold out within days on the site!

i also managed to find a pretty lil jersey dress for a mere £1 in the sale!bargin!

for my last piece of uniform im contiplating this lil dress from topshop, its SO cute on and i know i could get plently of wear out of it!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

its half 12, im tired...

but yet i am on the asos sight and darn it they have the brogues i wanted!!
*sigh* soooo typical, i have a low budget and this happens,hmmmmm should i go ahead and get them??

they are only £20 :)

ok im off to bed now, got philsophy at 10 tomorrow then work at Topshop straight after

good night!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

agyness tee

i have just ordered an amazing lil t-shirt ^_^ after having a look at Nylon online
even though i now have a very tight budget regarding buying clothes etc, i decided at around £12 i could afford it;

(agyness deyn in paris)

the t-shirt features a brillient line drawing of fashion model Agyness Deyn by Dana Veraldi and i just fell in love with it immediately. it would go perfect with denium shorts and colored tights or high waited skirts and heels :]

her site features many other cool idols such as Jackson Pollis and Lil' Kim

the t-shirt was $25 and overall (the shipping cost included) it cost around £16, as a result i will gladly sacrifice a university night out for it!cannot wait til it arrives!!

day off

i had one of those horrible panic moments when woke up this morning that i didnt know whether i actually had any seminars today or not, a quick text to a friend though told me i did not and thus i had a free day without uni or work at topshop, yay!
with my day off i decided to watch some cheesy day-time tv before heading out for some messages, feeling quite relaxed i decided to wear my new t-shirt from threadless which my lovely boyfriend surprised me with, its so adorable and im completely in love with the design on it;

  • t-shirt - threadless
  • skirt - vintage from camden
  • cardigen- topshop
  • necklace - urban outfitters
  • tights - primark
only after putting on my tights did i realise they had a massive hole in the heel which immediately laddered, i honestly just did not have the energy to change again and so decided to throw on my boots and go anyway, if anyone said anyway 'they're part of the design' lol

i then decided when home again to start tidying my room by starting to tidy my cosmetics desk and drawer which took ages so in the end i just dug out my magazines purchased in london and decided to sit down and read them, starting with the february issue of Nylon which Robin managed to find in his local train station news stand!after hunting for it all over London, typical!

anyways as usual it was a great issue which looked at London, the beautiful people of it and all the best shops to hit (which shall come in useful this summer), i took pictures of some of the bits that jumped out as inspirational and interesting;

(this was for some ad, i just love her hair, i wish i could get away with going blonde)

(i love the perpex lace collar necklace which can be found on this site for £68)

(whats not to love about this jumper?!its beautiful and i want it ^_^ - by alexander wang)

(this made me laugh!)

did i mention?

i am in love with Steve Aoki's new album! its currently the top album im listening to and im totally addicted to the remix of one of Peaches songs.was so excited when the package arrived the other week containing Steve Aoki's album, some Cobrasnake and Dim Mak stickers and an awesome Cobrasnake/Aoki pillow thing that now sits proudly on my bed ^_^

im still waiting until the day i can afford a Cobrasnake t-shirt!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

dear diary...

i am quite sad in the fact that i adore stationary, i could spend days in a store that sells paper and pens and quite regularly spend rediculous amounts of money on notepads and beautiful paper. i remember when i was in high school i would save all summer to spend around £50 on stationary for school in september, my favourite shop was an art/stationary shop in belfast called Bradbury Graphics, i miss it.

My love of expensive pens and paper definately stems from my fathers love of good pens and the letters he would write from various places around the world which were always on beautiful paper and contained doodles and drawings. often these letters were the only contact my sisters and i would have with our father when we were little and so i still have all of them.

alot of the letters from my father would be written on squared paper which to this day i love to write friends and family letters on, so i was over the moon when i found a gorgeous diary in Urban Outfitters the other week that was reduced from £40 to £9.99. the diary itself is designed by Landor & Hawa and is in mostly french and goes from 2006 - 2010, its smooth black case has the words 'agena quinquennal' engraved in it and even better is all its pages are squared paper ^_^

i love updating my diary even more now :]

to do tonight...

got lots to do this week, just cannot seem to find the energy lol. good news is that Robin has most of next week off and so will be travelling up to stoke to see me next tuesday,yay ^_^

plans for tonight are as follows;

  1. make dinner (maybe some pasta, korn and spicy pepper sauce)
  2. tidy room,wardrobe is a state!
  3. organise work folders - update diary
  4. read that book on moral philosophy,finally!
  5. email various people
  6. hot chocolate + cheesy dvd = bedtime

(i love this picture of kate moss i found today, it reminds me of the fogs that roll down the glen back home, makes everything seem mystical and beautiful)

Monday, 18 February 2008

i dont like mondays...

i travelled back to stoke from london today and just did not want to bother. it was so sunny and pretty in Chiselhurst this morning as i begrudgingly dragged my suitcase to Euston with my boyfriend. never more than today had i wanted to just turn round and go back to Robin's flat and curl up in the sun ^_^

i am at a crossroads at the moment regarding uni and my course and just wanted to call it a day and quit today, give up!but then im not good at giving up, i always have to follow things through and so sadly i boarded the train at Euston :( and within half an hour of landing in Stoke i was in a Psychology lecture....blah!

oh well, all i can do is think about the end of this semester, after that there is only one more year then i am free!horray!

even though as i curl up on to the sofa tonight, i miss Robin

sunday//foodie day

today was a foodie day :) by which i mean we me lots and lots of yummy things!

after last nights gig putting us in such a good mood the three of us took a dander into Chiselhurst to grab some food in sainsburys were it quickly turned into a chance to make some goodies!

we decided that after looking at all the easter eggs we would make our own lil birds nest buns with mini eggs, for lunch we would make some pancakes to enjoy with icecream and hundreds of thousands and for dinner; some yummy pizza with our own version of the overpriced nachos from last night's gig!

after enjoying the sun on our walk back we quickly made the cute lil buns (yes i am aware we made some yesterday but these were easter buns :P) and soon realised that either the sun or sugar or both were making us all quite hyper and we decided that some alcohol would be perfect to enjoy with our food!

so a trip down to sainsburys again provided us with some cheap cheerful Archers and thank you to Robin for buying me the alcohol :) since i was very skint!

we then started to make the pancakes and i imeediately started on the drinks, even though all quite giddy we made the best pancakes ever!could have been down to Robin's special 'pancake pan' lol or the alcohol just made us master chefs!after all this exitement we settled down to enjoy our lunch of pancakes and icecream and decided on the 3 movies we would watch; Ratatouille, Juno and Superbad

after watching Ratatouille we then started on the dinner of pizza and nachos (which were simply amazing!) at which point Amy and myself were quite tipsy ^_^

this was the second time i had watched Juno but i've got to say i love it!its so well written and makes you laugh at the smallest things, a quite beautiful/funny movie and one i cannot wait to own on dvd!

i think we fell asleep most of superbad and due to the excess of food but it was a perfect foodie//movie day and i was horrified to remember i have to return to stoke tomorrow morning and i have yet to pack :(


i wish to hide under the duvet and stay in london all week!!

smashing pumpkins @ london

we had to be up pretty early on saturday as Robin's good friend Amy was flying over from ireland for tonights gig. I'd yet to have met her so i was pretty nervous and kind went abit OCD tidying Robin's room and cleaning the floors lol. i didnt have anything to be nervous of though as she was lovely and i got on with her straight away :)

she even brought me over some veda bread!!the one thing i miss the most about ireland is their bread, the english do not simply have enough kinds. but wow she is immediately on my top friends list for that!

we then decided to celebrate her arrival with the making of rice crispy buns with chocolate and hundreds & thousands
(note the bun cases,definately worth the extra 60p i think!)

we must have made over 40, but they went down well :)


then it was time to get ready for the Smashing Pumpkins gig at the O2 arena, i decided to play it safe and not overdress. apologies for lack of quality on the photos as i left my digital camera back in stoke!
  • high waisted grey skirt - topshop
  • black racer vest - topshop
  • sheer pocket dress (worn as top) - boutique by topshop
  • grey patterned tights - urban outfitters
  • biker boots - gap
  • fleece biker jacket - boutique by topshop
we headed into london bridge and grabbed abit of burger king to fuel us for the rest of the gig (i MUST stop eating so unhealthy) and then moved onto the O2 arena (formerly known as the millinium dome) where i did the whole 'oh my gosh, its giant!!' thing and even rang my mum to tell her how excited i was.

it must be noted here though that i am not a smashing pumpkins fan but Robin had asked me to join him and Amy, so i was completely clueless as to what the gig would hold for me. the arena itself was massive and i got dizzy just looking at how high the seats in the place actually went! the price of food and drink was enough to make one very dizzy with nachos being £4 and drinks being the same or more price!unable to afford my usual tipple of whisky i meekly purchased a smirnoff ice and some nuts for a total of £6 :( i dislike this being skint business!

unfortunetly due to having no camera with me i didnt get to take any photos :( and the ones on my phone didnt come out well *sigh*.

the gig was good, quite surprising since i knew very little of their songs but the best bit was definately when Billy Corgan sang an acoustic version of '1979' but started by singing the verse of girls aloud song 'call the shots'. I have to admit i dont think he's a total arsehole anymore!

there was bits near the end were i did drift off due to their heavier rockier couple of songs and instead dandered off to the toilets where i amused myself with taking some photos
(this made me giggle,silly i know!)

but it was nice to see Robin's face light up as he knew every word to nearly every song!it made me smile :]

overall i was surprised at how good the gig was, i have a new found respect for the Smashing Pumpkins though much to my boyfriends annoyance i will always believe the Smiths were a greater infuence on music and they definately had a better style :P

*cough* billy corgan in a skirt *cough*

excellent night overall :)

whats in the handbag?

after reading other blogs and the bits on whats in the bloggers bags i got bored and decided to do mine.
i'm terrible with handbags in the way that i buy large ones and immediately fill them full of crap, deciding to lug round half my cosmestics and jewelery. so after my mother nagging me and my shoulder becoming sore i decided to try and start down-sizing with the purchase of a small leather cross over bag eariler this year.

my current 'best friend' of a bag is the vintage style brown bag i purchased in Urban Outfitters the other week;

i have finally learnt that i dont need to carry everything around 'just incase' .

in my bag i alway carry;
  • gold purse (i love this, got it for a fiver in UO ages ago)
  • polo mints - im addicted!!
  • camera - my trusty old digital
  • stella peony perfume - all her perfumes are amazing
  • stella amber solid perfume - i shamefully admit i could not live without this stuff
  • samsung G600 - im happy to be back with samsung after a very crappy motarola razor
  • sunglasses (leopard print) - im wearing these as much as possible!
  • oyster card - where would i be without it :)
  • jelly pong pong lip stain/jelly - i love anything by jelly pong pong and this pink jelly/nude stain is my current fav., it never leaves my side!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

i heart him

Robin has just text me on his way to meet Amy at the airport (his best friend) to tell me he has picked me up the new issue of Nylon i had been hunting for EVERYWHERE!

ahhhh i love him ^_^ he is ace!

excited about later as well, smashing pumpkins at the O2 arena,yay!!

a find and a date

yesterday robin spoiled me by taking me to Cafe Nero for a hot chocolate :] and a little stroll through Chiselhurst, i love this place such a gorgeous and typical town in Kent lol full of rich people and pretty houses!
outfit for the day;
  • top - urban outfitters
  • skirt - topshop (part of my uniform,yay!)
  • tights - M&S
  • heeled brogues - topshop
  • jacket - topshop
  • bag - urban outfitters
i managed to find a treasure in the local charity shop!i didnt want to spend any money this weekend but at £2.50 i couldnt pass it up :)

its gorgeous and exactly what i was looking for in a weekend bag!!perfect!

we later went into Bromley for a mini date to the cinema to see Jumper (not as half as good as i had hoped!) and were i randomly got complimented by someone on my hair ^_^ i did like my outfit last night. i wore my newe 'boutique pocket dress' from topshop, black tights, long black vest, lil white silk jacket from topshop and my leopard print pumps :)

  • dress - boutique @ topshop
  • long vest (underneath) - topshop
  • tights - urban outfitters
  • silk jacket - topshop
  • pumps - topshop
  • bag - urban outfitters
( during movie i got distracted and drew on robins hand )

afterwards Robin treated me to a mcdonalds and we headed home were we fell asleep straight away still in clothes and shoes lol. great day overall.