Sunday, 11 January 2009

all these pictures of you

some photos i scanned today....
1. my beautiful grandmother, found so many photos of her during her youth and she was one stylish lady
2. back at home during the summer when all i wore was a shirt and shorts and we dined everyday out in the garden and never wore shoes ^_^
3. my very handsome boyfriend on a train in London somewhere :)


withasianstereotypes said...

Awww so cute, I love the hello kitty tat haha.

+ handsome man candy you got there baby

♥, China L.

Krystal said...

really great shots!

Anonymous said...

i adore your hello kitty tattos
your gran was so stylish!

LiefsteCamilla said...

he actually is very handsome (:
and you know what they say.. the last generation of women, looks like the previous one.. this would mean you look like your grandmother and you're absolutely gorgeous.

jealousy here.

i love your blog. nice pictures!