Sunday, 18 January 2009


borrowed from angelina

even though i know everyone who's anyone will be snapping up erin's clothing line when it comes out i cant help but have HUGE cravings for this feather shirt!

and dont even start me on those boots.... just gorgeous


brittany said...

those boots are a dream.
and as much as i love erin in her natural state she is a HUGE BABE when her hair is straight and makeup is all done! she pulls off anythinggggggg and i hate her for it.

Nita-Karoliina said...

that whole outfit is brilliant!!

SJ said...

have you seen the pic of her in the RVCA bleach denim vest? i'm definitely gonna be making an attempt to recreate that little beauty.

Anonymous said...

i want it all:)

Miss Woo said...

Erin, why is she so hot? And where can I get RVCA in England? Ah, life's important questions.

Anonymous said...

i really loved your blog! you have a new follower :]
Lots of Love<3

Demi said...

she always look amazing!
those boots are hot!


Heybigtrender said...

she is gorgeous here! great picture:D