Saturday, 17 January 2009


borrowed from ilovefake

perfect pictures for a cold dark evening :)
i did very little today...
except discover how to curl my hair with my GHDs, something thats taken me over 3 years but oh well at least i know now!


Keep it Sleazy said...

I've still yet to master the art of actually straightening my hair.. How the hell have you worked out how to curl with ghd's? Impressive. x

brittany said...

gah i still don't know how to curl my hair :( haha i am suuuch a failure

the second photo is to DIE FORRRR, that is just my dream boy.. and my dream haircut.. damn

Anonymous said...

haha i think i burnt myself countless times trying to work out how to curl..I've eventually mastered it!

I used to do it with my old straightners that didnt have the twisty wire at the the wire kept on twisting and after about a year they broke completely!

aaanyway, did u want me to get a picture of the book that you're in??

looby xx

FashionSqueah! said...

I still can't curl my hair with GHDs, I have a little set of Hello Kitty curling tongs for that job! Char x

Rabenschwarz said...

oh yes, you're so right. the pictures are stunning.

Anna Pope said...

Beautiful photos! And congrats on the hair curling, I only learned to use rollers this year so I know how great it feels, haha :))