Thursday, 8 January 2009

like a moth to the light

borrowed from YOUTH

i fell in love with this light a while ago after seeing it on Fashion Flash but took it to be a one off or vintage, so i was over the moon when i came across it on the beautiful blog Youth and was given a little hope that it was somewhere out in the world for me to purchase.

im not sure way i love it so much, maybe its just because i like rabbits or that im slightly entranced by lighting and shops that only sell lights (maybe i was a moth in a former life?). in a strange way it even reminds me off a nightlight for children. either way i love it, all lights should come in strange and abnormal shapes!

so if you too are slightly entranced by this beautiful light, you can find it here :)
but until i can track down a cheaper version i shall have to stick to everyday normal lighting...


withasianstereotypes said...

I am going to chesham, buckinghamshire to take my boyfriend home in a few months haha. He's staying with his parents till then. He promised to take me to london for shopping, so i'd be thrilled to visit the top shop you work at and maybe we can go shopping, yay. You really are the sweetest girl baby. I've been meaning to tell you your blog is perfection I really can't describe it to a point but it has this over whelming charm to it. The items you choose are ideal and TOO lovely. You really have a distinct taste, and it's pure elegance. I always LOVE what you have to offer. Ah haha girl crush, aw a magpie? My boyfriend is always mentioning them because my love for cute birds but they aren't here in America. Thanks for reminding me to google it. Ah, I wrote you a book... sorry haha. Love you baby.

+ these images are breathtaking baby I think it's the rabbit thats enchanting me too haha.

+ I was reading your back posts and ahhhhhhh you're so pretty!

with ♥, China L.

Krystal said...

ahh, i love that photo x

Anonymous said...

Awh that lamp is so cute!

Miss Woo said...

This is really lovely. I just check the website and they have deer versions too, I want!

Anonymous said...

What a darling rabbit!
im just too tempted to hug it..
you should so buy it..

devon maid. said...

these are really cute photos!

take care