Monday, 26 January 2009

oh no its monday again

its scary how quickly January is going in!i've just been told my dissertation draft has to be in at the start of February, so that gives me 2 weeks to write 8,000 words..... oh eek!

recently due to the cold weather and amount of work, i've been living in what is comfortable, not fashionable, hence the lack of outfit posts!
so here it is, my choice of wear this weekend....
(my beloved Monki jacket that i wear nearly every day, Topshop vest and grey cardigan, those Topshop Hareem pants i picked up for £6 the other day, American Apparel scarf and my 7 year old Converse)

im in love with these drop-crotch pant, they're SO comfortable for running to and fro to the library. i think im going to take them in at the ankles so they're skinnier on the legs.

oh and my passport* FINALLY arrived this weekend so im officially going to Paris next week, hooray!

* goodbye British passport, hello Irish passport! all of a sudden i feel the proud Irish nationalist bubbling up inside me ;)


Joezehh said...

I absolutely LOVE that jacket,
Plus drop-crotch pants look epic but I don't think I have the guts, really.
I'm a jeans/skirts sort of girl.
Want to link exchange? I really love your blog!
x x x

DaisyChain said...

Those trousers really suit you!

Anonymous said...

you look so great!

Miss Woo said...

Well you still look incredibly fashionable in my opinion. Love those pants. and good luck with the dissertation :)

Anonymous said...

love the jacket

Demi said...

yyaayyy about paris! have fun :D

and I love those comfy pants and that jacket - I wear my favourite things almost every day too!! haha..

good luck with your work :)


Laura MW said...

I know it's mean to tempt you, but....


Stephanie said...

Love your harem pants. They are so hard to pull off well, and you are so lucky you can do it! Really great outfit =)

Nita-Karoliina said...

i love that jacket.
oh i wish it would be spring ..

SJ said...

i really need to get me some of those pants...they never seem to have them in my size though :( looking good even when slobbing my dear!

bonnie said...

I love your outfits!
I'm from Paris, and if you want to go to cool place in "la capitale de la mode", you have to go in places like Le Marais (métro station: Saint-Paul Le Marais or Hotel de Ville line 1), for beautiful shops, vintage shops and restaurants (go to la place du Bourg Tibourg).
You can also go to a place called Saint Germain des Prés (métro station Saint Germain des prés line 4 or Odeon or Mabillon line 4)
a lot of beautiful shops (french designers) in la place du marché Saint Germain, and a lot of parisian café, restaurants...
Tell me if you go, if you liked this places!
I hope you will enjoy my city!

Rianna Bethany said...

The pants are gorgeous. I got a weird greyish colour pair from kookai at selfridges and they are so versatile. Love it

etoilee8 said...

That outfit has just inspired me to drag out my harem pants and start wearing them again. . .the only problem is, they're a little short at the ankles. . . which makes for a cold walk in the winter.

Susan said...

Your jacket is totally lush. I love the trews as well but could never pull them off. I've just started reading your blog and I like it so much (not least cos I also split my time between England and N.Ireland..!) You put together the best outfits!

trendhunter said...

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Like Porcelain said...

Woah I love this outfit! Wish I had such an comfortable outfit when breaking my brain on though philosophical texts