Friday, 2 January 2009

time for a quick update!

argh... ok so my studying isn't going too well, i've got sucked right back into the world of blogs (my excuse is i've got 3 weeks of Internet to catch up on), so i thought i'd do a quick update while im here :)
in the last 3 weeks i have;

+ worked my ass off in the new Topshop in Belfast (and enjoyed it)
+ spent ALL my wages on Christmas gifts for my family
+ chased my neighbours chickens and ducks off our patio most mornings
+ been bought a beautiful new camera and pretty Luella style skirt from UO from my parents
+ oh and a gorgeous skull/rose ring from my all time fav. store Beyond the Valley from my boyfriend :)
+ discovered exactly how many of my old friends are now engaged/pregnant......scary
+ lived off croissants and bagels while zooming in and out of work
+ oh and done NO work what-so-ever for university :(

now i sit trying to write an essay on 'the fear of death' yet instead i have just ordered this little beauty of a jacket from Topshop, i nearly owned it last week but ran out of time... it broke my heart so much my boyfriend very kindly lent me the money to order it now, i owe him big time!
im not kidding,i've been hunting for a sparkly jacket for AGES and i do believe i may have found the perfect jacket in this.

but seriously i must go do some work now before i fail miserably!but a quick thank you to Belle for the award :)
thank you!


withasianstereotypes said...

So CUUUUUTTTEEEE that you work in topshop. ToT you have chickens and ducks in your neighborhood? How bloody brilliant I'm jealous. Baby if I sound a bit off today it's just because I've missed your blogging. Aw, I actually get scared when I find out some of my old friends are now preggers.

I hope you do well on your paper. Seems like an interesting topic though... I wanna write it haha.

with love, China L.

Laura MW said...

Er eek I've spent all my christmas money plus wayyy more already and now you've got me all interested in the little monkey skirt.
And I love the jacket, also debated over buying it.


Anonymous said...

good to hear you're back :)
i could totally go into a rant about this essay topic of urs but i won't.

bagels rule :)

Anna Pope said...

Happy to see you posting again, I missed your blog A LOT!

That jacket is perfect!!

DaisyChain said...

Wow, ok I'm so in need of that jacket!

Miss Woo said...

Yay, so happy you're back! I was thinking the other day hmmm I haven't seen any good things in Topshop for a long time, I NEED Thrills and Frill's guidance!

Anyway, good luck on your paper (I had loaads too) and looking forward to see that jacket on you!

PinkBow said...

i almost ordered this too, it's so gorgeous. you must tell us if it is as nice when it arrives! xo