Monday, 23 February 2009


MK looking gorgeous as usual...
borrowed from rackk & ruin - a blog i recommend you check out - its my new favourite daily read!

oh and a big thank you to Lottie for the award :)
im going to pass it onto the brillient blogs;
- rackk and ruin
- with asian stereotypes
- bones & stars
- yeah whatever


withasianstereotypes said...

MK is one hooooottttt smoker, and I will love you forever for chasing french pigeons for me haha. Thank you baby for the award! You're my e-lover shhhh we'll keep it from our boyfriends they'll never know jk haha. I'm completely off from exhaustion it's 2am here. Anyway I loves you g'night lovely girl.

♥, China L.

Anonymous said...

its alright:)
you deseerved it!
doesnt mary kate look fabulous always?
i love her style!

Fashionistadiary said...

not to keen on the smoking!!! but she looks amazing.. and i hate admitting this, she kinda suits the smoking too! ultimate hotness! xo

Twobreadsplease said...

Oh, what I would give for her wardrobe.

Imi Loa said...

I am in love with your blog and def. going to follow you :) great photos dear!

Twobreadsplease said...

Thanks for the comment, I feel much less guilty now that people are telling me not to. Haha, I'm so suggestible. The Opening Ceremony boots are actually super comfy, I live in those shoes so I'd definitely recommend getting a pair. They just go with everything and I can walk in them all day long very happily. Let me know if you go for it! xx

brittany said...

awwwww THANK YOU!
mk actually makes smoking soo attractive but i cant bring myself to make a hobby out of it

ps you completelyyy deserved that award cause your blog is definitely a fav of mine :) hope your weekend was STUNNERRRRR im sorry ive been so MIA lately /never commenting

Jessica said...

she is so pretty !
Great blog btw, we should link :)