Sunday, 8 February 2009

back from Paris

arrived back in England last night to yet more snow, and back in Stoke today, Paris seems like a dream i just had. a wonderful holiday, fell in love with the little streets and cafes, have vowed to take out a year there in 2/3 years time. sorting through pictures now, will put them up soon. oh and thank you all for the tips for Paris,really helped!

for now though.... i saw these boots on the feet of a very cool looking twenty-something gal in front of me in a queue in St.Pancras :O


the boyfriend didn't exactly understand why i was getting so excited about them, but oh how i was green with envy!


withasianstereotypes said...

I would die of envy too! Sadly, I haven't had the pleasure of seeing anyone with those shoes in person ToT. I hope you had a great time, and bought things that would make me cry in jealousy. I can't wait for the photos baby. Oh and I LOVE the image of the chloe shoes you chose, it makes me think of the perfect future vintage.


The Walking Canvas said...

Oh they are gorgeous booties... :)

Camilla said...

i need those.


Nita-Karoliina said...

those are cool ones, cant wait the pics!

T and T said...

these booties are really AWESOME, love the studs :)

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

I love your blog! && was wondering if you wanted to exchange links?
let me know!
♥ Hannah

Natalie said...

can't wait to see the photos! x

Anna Pope said...

Oh wow, I would have probably ripped them off her feet and ran with them haha!

Miss Woo said...

Did you see the Topshop version? (I guess you must have considering you work there, but I thought I'll ask, haha) Not as cool as the original obvz, but slightly more affordable!

Demi said...

glad you had a good time - I can't wait to see photos!!
those boots are gorrgeeouusss!!


elisabeth said...

miss woo - lol yeah i did, quite cute!but my heart defo belongs to the chloe version, i could have robbed that girl for them!

Elysium said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh my God, I need those boots. xo