Thursday, 19 February 2009

scissor happy

i had a bit of a eureka moment earlier!
recently my hareen trousers i picked up in the sale at Topshop shrunk in the wash (i spun it too many times) and i was heartbroken, spending hours on the Internet trying to find a similar pair proved fruitless, although i did come close to purchasing these grey pair from Urban Outfitters.

then while sorting out some clothing to put up on eBay, i dug this jersey hareen suit i bought way back in September and wore i think once back in n.ireland (bad idea when you have a white dog who sheds hair like crazy!). it even had its label on!i know it didn't do well in Topshop, we didn't sell more than two in our store and it pretty much went straight into the sale.

so being 'hareen-less' and bored, i had a brain wave and decided to cut the top piece off the suit, it worked perfectly!now i have the perfect fit of hareen trousers in the softest jersey material ever.... i'm sensing i might be slightly addicted to these type of trousers!

hareen jumpsuit - Topshop, vest - Ann Sofie Back for Topshop, sandels - Topshop, necklace - Topshop, leather bracelet - All Saints, silver fox ring - Zoe & Morgan

*EDIT* - just having a look on eBay there last week i spotted the Emma Cook boots for a buy it now price of £350..... they didnt sell. now the same seller has put up the boots again for a 'slightly' higher price of £1,000 ?!?! surely no one will actually buy them at this price?


Demi said...

great idea! I love that harem suit :)


Twobreadsplease said...

Oh no! I hate washer/dryer tragedies, I dyed some knickers blue by accident today in the wash... But it's fine, they look rather refrshing! Cutting off the top of the jumpsuit was such a good idea, I'm glad you found such a thrifty replacement! xxx

Lauren said...

Good thinking! I bought this jumpsuit in the sale, it looked so lonely and it was SO cheap!

x x x

Hannah. said...

I hate it when there's an abundance of one type of clothing on the sale rack. At least you didn't make it go to waste.

K said...

Wonderful idea! Glad you have a replacement now.
And oh dear at Emma Cook ebay madness...

Rianna Bethany said...

Thats a fab idea. Love the outfit overall after the d.i.y.
Great Blog
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rabenschwarz said...

really great. i love this look.

Rabenschwarz said...

and thanks a lot btw.

denta said...

thanks for your sweet comment. i just checked out your blog and quite fell in love with it, too.

so yeah, please do link me. i'd be honoured ;)

all the best from austria