Tuesday, 3 February 2009

see you in a few days then :)


ok, we're up packed and ready and hopefully IF the taxis turns up we're off to Paris now :)

i will take lots of pictures and buy LOTS of clothing (haha) speak to you all this friday, thank you all for the good tips and nice comments, have a good week!



SJ said...

woohoo!!! have a safe journey hun. look forward to seeing all your photos when you get back.

Miss Woo said...

Yay! Have fun missy ;)

Susan said...

Have an awesome time. Paris is gorgeous though, so I'm sure you will :D

Demi said...

have an amazing time! can't wait to see your photos and buys!


Cheeks said...

cute pendant

FashionSqueah! said...

Oh have an amazing time! Char x

regine. said...

hiya. just thought id drop in a comment. im new to your blog, but it seems to be rather interesting. and i absolutely adore the floral top you bought from topshop (a few entries before this one)

hope you had a fantastice time in france!


sara said...

have an amazing time!