Friday, 20 March 2009

finally friday

i finally caught on the sleep thankfully!and even got to sneak a gin and tonic in just before midnight at a friends on st.Patricks so im happy.

i'm even happier with the packages i received today!
my mother sent me over a shoe box with one of my father's drawings stuck on the lid, when i opened it i found some chocolate mini eggs and Easter lollies for me and my housemates! tucked away in tissue as well was a few of our families Easter decorations that i adore.

my housemates think im mad the way i get excited over Easter and Halloween but in my house they're a big deal! at Easter we collect twigs with buds on them, arrange them in a vase and cover them in small wooden decorations and chocolate eggs and ribbons. its a tradition we've carried back with us from Germany and we've done it every year, i love it ^_^ i even remember stringing my sisters and mine drawings of eggs and bunnies and making my poor dad hang them on the inside on his Mercedes, i have a vivid memory of going down the motorway and being so proud of our car decorations and everyone looking at us. they must have thought we were mad, my poor dad!

anyway, my dress arrived from Topshop and i love it! feel like a bit of an 80's cocktail waitress in it, but thats no bad thing ;)


Twobreadsplease said...

Haha, there's nothing wrong with missing a few lectures here and there. I love the new dress, super stylish 80s cocktail waitress vibe. I love your Easter decorations and your mum sounds so nice! xx

Lauren said...

Ahh this dress is maximum hotness! And that is the cutest Easter tradition ever!

x x x

selinaoolala said...

your parents sound so sweet! and the dress looks soooo good on you!!!

macyaverage said...

very nice dress indeed, and equally as nice is that Easter family tradition tree thing you've got going on. Makes me re-think my way of celebrating Easter.

FashionSqueah! said...

The dress is lovely, I love the '80s cocktail waitress look! I love Easter too, maybe not to the same extent as you but I always nag my Mum really early to buy Easter eggs! Char x

Joezehh said...

that dress is lovely jubbly,
and i might try out the twigs decoration thing!
x x x x x

PinkBow said...

cool dress!

Rosie Posie said...

your little traditions at easter sound so sweet :) i may try some of your ideas this year!! i get so excited about easter aswell

that is really sweet of your mum to send such lovely packages!! i love recieving packages in the post, particularly when im away at uni.

your dress looks gorgeous!!! i wish wish wish i had more pennies at the moment. i have a list of everything i am getting from topshop as soon as some more money comes my way, i need it all so much!!!!!

hope you have a nice weekend

Diana said...

it sounds like you have a cool family!

i love that dress on you!

Is This Real Life? said...

great dress

Twobreadsplease said...

Poo indeed about the boots. Have you tried B-store? I know they have a few opening ceremony shoes on sale online, can't remember which ones though. xx

Like Porcelain said...

I never liked easter threes but now I want one as well!

Isa said...

I´m german so I´m talking 'easter' too!
I love the fuzz it is here in germany, spring deserves it´s own holiday excitement!
can´t wait for easter brunch, chocolate bunnies and painting eggs! :)


Kit said...

oh amazing! i love cutouts on dresses, especially sassy 80s ones. so hot. x

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I also love that dress! :)

c. said...

Such a cute Easter tree! x