Sunday, 8 March 2009

saturday night


words cannot describe how BADLY i want this lamp!!
unfortunately Fred Flare dont ship internationally.... life sucks :(


DaisyChain said...

Oh that is adorable,
I kinda want one too.

Rabenschwarz said...

thanks a lot. the trousers and the bag are from zara.
this cat light looks super cute. i love it.
hey, would you like to trade links?
but i have a question would i be 'daily read' or 'fashion link what ever stuff' (I have forgotten the right name, sorry)
have a nice sunday.

Anonymous said...

have tagged you:)

carolyn said...

that is an awesome looking forward to being able to decorate my own room when i get to college but I am sorry you can't own this one =( I guess taping a candle to a cat is out of the question....?

cats and candles aside, awesome blog! =)

Anonymous said...

its really cool!!

Twobreadsplease said...

The cat light is so cute! I think I saw something like that once but it was a rabbit instead. xx

Kit said...

This is actually THE most amazing lamp. I love kitties and collect heaps of kitty things. I really want that giant ice cream lamp on Fred Flare. Wtf is up with not shipping overseas - it makes me mad! xx