Tuesday, 17 March 2009

unnatural high

i've just woken woken up from nap no more than an hour long,ready for another day at university. due to my philosophy dissertation i had to pull a bit of an all nighter. buzzing on Red Bull i managed to somehow type out over 5,000 words, side effecting being however i got a number of sugar- highs and at one point decided to wear my best friends bra to see what it would be like to be a large chested girl (it took over 12 socks to stuff the bra in fact!), and then getting scared everytime i looked down and saw these 'boobs'. i honestly dont think i could handle it!

anyway, socks and bras aside. being up all night meant i was awake when Topshop updated their stock this morning, and well it was worth the look. here's just a few of the items they've put up today....
(note those studded acid wash jeans have finally come online!)
(all from Topshop.com)


SJ said...

finally those jeans! even though i can't afford them and have a feeling they actually wouldn't look all that great on me i've still been keeping an eye out. i may attemp to stud a pair i already bleached.

Anonymous said...

lol I laughed really hard about the bra and socks story. Don't we all just have nothing better to do when we have so many things to do?

withasianstereotypes said...

/HAHA, you're too cute eli. I want to know what it's like to not have huge chi chis (ew haha chi chi's). Yesssssss to the jeans finally appearing online. Though I know everyone and their mums wants them. I will be an adorable sheep an savor them in my wardrobe till we all forget they existed. Hopefully my thighs won't get huge by then from eating cakes.

+ You are my favorite fashion muse ever.

love, China L.

Melissa said...

oh my, i check the topshop website every morning! they just make it soo easy to purchase stuff. I got that white cropped top today =)

Janice said...

Drool worthy finds from topshop! I love the bag and the sandals most. Pair it with a chic Oakley Sunglasses, and you're off to make heads turn your way! :)

Lauren said...

Ahhh man, I love all of those TS things! And LOL at your story!

x x x

Vintage Tea said...

I love the bag

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Anonymous said...

greaaaatttt jeans and vest. yikes! sohot