Tuesday, 21 April 2009

the famous lady of Biba

only having heard of Biba through my mother i was quite intrigued to see a snippet of Barbara Hulanicki's collection for Topshop in The Sunday Time's Style Magazine two weeks ago. Immediately i was drawn to a shoulder-padded coral dress and patience paid off when i found the email and codes sent to all Topshop stores today. a quick warehouse search showed that the it would be recieving a few pieces and within 20 seconds i had reserved 2 sizes in the coral dress (below left) in this weeks delivery. i am so excited!i cannot wait to try it on!
im also tempted to order the blue dress on the right when it comes online next week (the 28th), im going to try my hardest to not buy anything black in the next 2 months.... we'll see how it goes though!

Grazia's fantastic quick interview with the lady herself!

**EDIT** Topshop have just put the previews of the collection up on their website now, the video look book is fantastic!watch it here :)


Belle said...

Wow, both are gorgeous! They'd fit right into my wardrobe. And I want those shoes! Love your blog xx

macyaverage said...

I think the coral dress would look awesome on you :)

Stephanie said...

I want all of them!! Im so glad that older designers like Biba are collaborating with youthful stores like topshop. We all get to have a taste of her genius!

chicknamedhermia said...

They're really lovely, aren't they!
I'm so glad Barbara is back!

Madeline said...

that coral dress is going to be amazing!!

Lottie said...

wows its gorgeous!cant WAIT to see it
the blue dress is amazing too..
i know..once you start buying black you cant stop!its eating me up too..x

Emy said...

i think the scallop lace dress is amazing!!!!!!!!
i must have!!!
shame i'm poor after getting tickets for benicassim music festival :( x x x

Brittany said...

both are gorgeous! thanks so much for the comments, linking me would be great, i'll do the same for you :) x

becca. said...

thankyou for the comment on my new blog.
please come check out my main blog.
i wish i had a job like yours working for topshop and gorgeous dresses in the photos xx

Fashionaphylactic. said...

I adore the coral dress! Do you know roughly how much it's all going to be? Kate ♥

ct said...

Love these dresses.So carefree and cute.
Bonbon's Vintage

Twobreadsplease said...

Mel's also hoarding a whole hunk of Black in her wardrobe and is branching as summer approaches. I hope you have done well, we'll see when you post your new purchases. Good luck with the remaining exams!