Tuesday, 7 April 2009

fresh for tuesday

i decided to have a new header today (cant remember where i found this picture but i love it) maybe its the lambs in the next field, or the sudden bloom of flowers everywhere but im feeling rather like i want to start afresh with things. i know this will only last a few days before im back to the same old habits but i'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!

was so close to buying the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar before remembering 'oh yeah, i dont actually like Alexa Chung', cant deny she looks fantastic in this editorial.
(see more pictures here on Vain & Vapid)

oh and finally the Permenant Vacation online store is open!hooray!
yet more reasons for me to be poor!
such a gorgeous collection!

well, im off to get ready to go flower and plant shopping with my mother, im a complete gardening geek (bet you didnt know that!), i've actually written down a few colour schemes i have in mind.... i'll not bore you with anymore planting rants so im off now!

hope everyone else is enjoying the spring!:)


Rosie Posie said...

hello :)

thank you so much for you comment. i am definately going to make sure i do lots of decorating in my uni house, i cant wait to get started!!
i made a new header this morning too!!!! how odd. reading this post was like reading my thoughts exactly at the moment, i am suddenly bored with everything and want to cahnge it all. i think its what spring does to you!!

that collection looks amazing!! i cant wait to get the next lot of student loan through :)

i have been doing lots of gardening since ive been home too, which people find strange, but i love!!

have a great easter

selinaoolala said...

uh oh i love many things on that site! especially the floral leggings and tee, maybe a diy is in order?

Kate said...

I posted some pictures from that editorial yesterday, Alexa looks amazing! oh and that collection is gorgeous!

Ruth =] said...

I'm looking forward to the new leaves on the trees - love that fresh new green!

The wildflowers are pretty too (i posted some photos a while back) although theyr all yellow. Need some variety!


Bianca and Isabella said...

great blog, love these pictures.

the crumpet girls

withasianstereotypes said...

WOW WOW WOW, I love your new header babygirl! I've been dying to buy the mask on ebay. + I want/need/love the PV striped sweater. Take pictures of your garden pwease eli? I'm so lazy with mine haha :D Oh, and I really didn't tell you yet? You know you were one of the blogs that inspired me to create my own.

Missed you, China L.

call me glitter, little deer said...

yay spring is wonderful.
and spring + shopping is more wonderful.
and sorry that i haven't do the tag yet but it's under progress.

Rianna Bethany said...

have fun garden shopping, flowers brighten up everyones day!

geisharock said...

I'm definitely waiting impatiently for spring to properly arrive (still not brave enough to go out bare-legged). Flower shopping! how very exciting - for a fellow UK girl anyway - I can't wait until my silly exams are over and time can be better spent relaxing and having barbecues in the garden :). I've only just come across your blog (not sure how I missed it before!) but it is perfection. Can we possibly exchange links? Well.. you're going on my blogroll nonetheless :)

Twobreadsplease said...

I love my AA scarf, literally live in that thing. I was thinking about getting another one but I think I'll feel a little guilt if the money could go towards food/rent/a different piece of clothing, haha. My wardrobe isn't that wonderful, honest, it's full of lots of junk aswell that needs clearing out.

I love your new header, I want a mask like that! Alexa does look quite good, I'm not a fan at all so I say it quite grudgingly really. Good luck with your gardening! I am absolutely terrible with plants, they just die no matter what I do. xx

Anonymous said...

I never get sick of seeing those pictures!!!!
They're so dreamy! Plus you can't beat a good Sullen Look!

chlozzard said...

why dont you like alexa chung?!
she does look very beautiful in that whole editorial :) xx