Sunday, 12 April 2009

happy easter :)

as promised, some pictures of my garden and new hair....
it's a little wild, the trees are over 100 years old and are just starting to suffer the effects of winter storms, mum insists the bottom half of the garden remains wild for the animals but we have a tree swing down at the bottom which friends and i often used in the middle of the night for parties, the moonlight lights the whole of the garden up, its amazing!
little Stella sunning herself
i picked this beautiful cotton bag up at a garden centre and the print of the birds belonged to my grandparents, i couldnt bare to part with it when their house was finally cleared out this week
and last but not least my hair, thanks for all the comments by the way :)
im sort of getting used to it now, it seems to look better when its curled a little
now im definately going it long again!lol

happy easter everyone! is everyone doing something nice this weekend?


McCall said...

i enjoyed the photos :) and i absolutely love your blog header. hope your having a good easter, im spending it with my lovely family and best friend.

PinkBow said...

your hair looks lovely. i really like the wallpaper in the 2nd pic too

Rosie Posie said...

happy easter to you also!!! :)

your garden looks gorgeous!!! and i love the bag. the last of my grandparents stuff was cleared this week too, and ive made sure ive kept some lovely brass ornaments that im going to find somewhere for. the bird picture looks lovely :)

your hair suits you!! its very cute :) but i am the smae, i cut my hair about that length a few years ago after having it long forever, and missed my hair so much!!!

by the way, i read on your profile you split your time between stoke, london and ireland. are you in stoke for uni??? because i am too :)


Kate said...

love the new hair (:

bellefantaisie said...

Your hair looks lovely, it really suits your face!

Like Porcelain said...

! your hair isn't that short, I expected some shorter cut. And it looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

great post

macyaverage said...

the new hair actually looks really nice. At first I thought you had cut it shorter than that >.<

I hope you had a fantastic easter!

call me glitter, little deer said...

your hair looks pretty good.
happy easter too.

sara said...

the bag is beauuutiful!
i'm growing my hair too, i've missed it long

Ruth =] said...

Your dog is adorable! Mine sits just like that and I think its just so funny - who ever thought dogs slouched? :D