Friday, 10 April 2009

the long and short of it...

these girls make me miss my long hair :(

(pictures from le blog de betty, copenhagan street style, face hunter, superfantasticpicturetime, garcone dore)

then why did i get my hair cut even shorter (to my shoulders) yesterday??
.... i dont know why either.

happy Good Friday everyone as well :) did anyone get easter eggs?!
im currently sitting in the kitchen watching new born lambs discover the joy of jumping off a small grass mound in the field next to me, just a few yards from them half a dozen rabbits are skipping about and one massive red irish hare is watching over it all, sounds like something out of a disney film but this is the joy of living in the Irish countryside. im going to miss it when i move to London later this year.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd be lost without my long hair ...although I do love those pixie cuts! But I got my hair cut into a bob a few years ago when I rebelled against my parents and it was hideous and didn't suit me one bit!lol!

macyaverage said...

you cut your hair shorter? Love to see a picture of it ;D

I hate waiting for my hair to grow. It's taking forever and I swear it's not even getting longer.

but hair aside..
Happy Almost Easter ^_^

Kate said...

I wish my hair would actually grow! Its been just below shoulder length for about four years now haha. thanks for your comment btw, i loveeee your blog (: x

ps. would you mind exchanging links ?

Style-Sphere said...

Yep I just cut my locks off too and regret it.I miss my scraggley long locks...long hair is just so much more fun even if it is in terrible condition!

Anonymous said...

awww newborn lambs!!
ya i love long hair but when summer approaches, i feel like cutting it all off and then it's a guarantee i will immediately regret cutting my hair. well the good thing is that it grows back right??

Bianca and Isabella said...

adore your outfits

the crumpet girls

call me glitter, little deer said...

shoulder long? i wanna see it. please.
my hair are over shoulder long and i will longer hair too. but latest in august my hair a long enough for beginning...

Ruth =] said...

Lambs are so cute, shame they have to grow up into big dirty smelly sheep! (you can tell i grew up in the countryside lol)
All the tourists love the sheep, "aww its a cloud with legs!" - if only!

Have a lovely easter!

maria memi said...

i miss my too, though it's gotten longer now. the bitch cut of like half of it back in november :(

sharon said...

i know what you mean ):
i cut mine off a couple weeks ago and right afterwards every picture i'd see would be of a girl with beautiful long hair.
psh. life.
& lambs!! rabbits! luckyyy

SJ said...

ahhh i saw the cutest lambs leaping about yesterday on our drive down to squeal of delight was quite ridiculous. sounds like you're having a lovely easter...apart from the hair business, i've learnt my lesson from doing that too many times and regretting it even though i'm sure it looks absolutely lovely on you. sometimes a little change is good! x

call me glitter, little deer said...

thanks a lot for the link but wow the jacket is way too expensive.

Laura MW said...

Photos of the hair! I do love the long dark hair, fringe combo but it seems to be on EVERYONE these days so its nice to have a change. Plus, I always prefer to have short hair, it's easier to manage and seems to 'go' better (personal experience...but then I am one for having a pixie-cut a la moment)!

Also yay London!


Sara Louise said...

omg just got my hair cut to above my shoulders and have no idea why when i'm meant to be growing it!

jessica said...

the irish countryside sounds amaaaazing :)
it sort of reminds me of my house here in canada .
and im sure your hair looks great :)

MANDY IS RAD said...

woop! inspriration for sure! cute clothes! also wish my hair would grow its taking its sweeeeet time.