Tuesday, 12 May 2009

F#@K YEAHHHHH....(tagged2)

can you believe it?!im actually finished university!!handed in the philosophy assignment this morning, hardest essay i've ever written, all i can say is thank god for Red Bull and Pro Plus!

thanks for being the most patient readers i have ever known and thank you for all the support :) you guys are the best!the blog will return to full force soon...

the gorgeous Lottie tagged me earlier this week;

what are your current obsessions? always reading blogs, trying to find the perfect striped top and trying and failing miserably to give up chocolate. what is your weirdest obsession?
washing the dishes in a certain way and order, i get stressed when the sponge is left in water in the sink lol. what are you wearing today? t-shirt by Arvida, skirt by Cheap Monday and lots of old necklaces whats for dinner today? ravioli and veg, too tired to make anything else. why is today special? because i just handed in my last ever university assignment, pulled my last all nighter and swore for the last time at the library printer for jamming :) what would you like to learn to do? drive, play a musical instrument and get that perfect beach curled tousled hair. what's the last thing you bought? some cute moccasin pumps from Topshop. What you listening to right now? Yeasayer - Sunset What is your most challenging goal right now? sorting out what im going to be doing this year, choosing where to live. What do you think about the person who tagged you? she has the best hair and seems to be able to find absolute jems of vintage items! If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? a hard question, but right now i'd love a gorgeous old art-deco style flat in Miami where i could go sit on the roof sunbathe and drink gin and tonics. What would you like in your hand right now?
that Alexander Wang vest im craving. What would you like to get rid off? a few stubborn pounds, and all the piles of university paperwork in my room. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would that be? London; to see the boyfriend who has 'man flu' right now. Which language do you want to learn? German, French and something silly like Gaelic What do you look for in a friend? a good sense of humour and someone who likes to drink and dance themselves silly. Who do you want to meet in person? Stella Maccartney or Robert Smith. What's your favourite type of music? 80's new romance, electro, rock, grunge, and folk. Whats your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe? so hard to choose one, but i'd have to say my grey sequin blazer. What is your dream job? being a stylist, helping design new collections for Topshop and maybe a fashion muse to some fantastic designer ;) Any favourite models? Lara Stone. What would you most likely spend $100 on? some clothing by Weekday or Velour. What would you like an endless supply of? designer underwear, preferably by Stella Maccartney. Girl Crush? Ashley Oslen and VV from the Kills. Do you admire anyone's style? yeah, anyone who makes simple well cut items and layers look really good, and those who take a designer or vintage item and stamp their own mark all over it!i think the Swedish and French get it perfect! if i had to choose one person, i think it'd be Alexa Chung even though she annoys me she has the best style around at the moment. Describe your personal style. messy, mix of old and new, a bit grungy, love of anything sheer and oversized, and constantly changing.

Now i tag Sara Louise :) and im going to go crash for a day or two after all this stress!see you all in a bit!


K.Line said...

Congratulations! What a huge milestone you've achieved. I think you need to go on a relaxation binge and do a few wild things over the next week!

PS - Coincidence that the word verification for this comment is "explowa"??

Rosie said...

wow, thats so exciting, congratulations!!!! :D

have a great time celebrating!!


(ps: i think you should definately get that wang vest as part of your celebrations now!! ;) )

Stephanie said...

Wow, you should really get the wang vest to celebrate!
Stella Maccartney underwear, i would live in it if i was rich :(

Anonymous said...

love it congrats!
aww thanks..i like your hair more though:)
i love that picture btw,its simply amazing!

call me glitter, little deer said...

that's grrrreat, really grrreat.
btw the chanel fast food... funny.

Daisy Kate said...

Well done! :) I hope all the hard work pays off, and you definately deserve the Alexander Wang vest as a "well done" present to yourself. :)
Kate - www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com ♥

Cindy Khor said...

congrats on your accomplishment on the final piece of assignment.

i heard that gaelic is really hard to learn as it contains really weird syllabuls which doesn't quite make sense.

Elysium said...

Awesome, well done! Must be such a relief, I hope you don't mind but I've used the Chanel picture in one of my blogs, I've credited you for it though!