Monday, 11 May 2009



thank you Raben Schwarz for tagging me, a nice quick distraction from my 2,500 word philosophy essay due tomorrow!
well by this time tomorrow i shall be completely finished university, free from anymore assignments, the first time in my life that i shall not be in education, how scary is that?!

seven facts about me;

1. i get itchy feet if i live in one place for too long
2. i am one of the fastest readers i know, i like to finish a whole book in one day
3. for about 2 years when i was little i wanted to be a vampire when i grew up, my best friend wanted to be a vet, we made the oddest couple!
4. i actually like it when i get freckles in the summer
5. i would quite happily be poor and have lots of nice clothes, than be rich and have a rubbish wardrobe
6. i cant drive, im scared of getting behind the wheel, i dread the day i actually have to learn
7. i am happiest when immersed in water, preferably swimming in the sea :)

now i tag the lovely brittany at lucripetous, stephanie at ashtray and two breads, please?

oh and thank you for all your help about the A.Wang vest, im still undecided and keep changing my mind several times a day, to be honest i might just go ahead and order it later this month, as a sort of 'yay go me for surviving uni' gift to myself

lol i know, im terrible at these things!


louise said...

i've finally convinced everyone that i don't want to drive so they've stopped asking about it, even though i accept it would be handy - i can barely walk in a straight line so driving seems a bad idea!

good luck with the essay and well done on surviving, i've decided to go back to uni for a masters so i get to do it all over again

macyaverage said...

eeeek, leaving uni must be mighty scary. Good luck with your essay! And hope you enjoy the uni gift to yourself ;D

call me glitter, little deer said...

fine you are a better tagged person than i :)
and i wish i would become freckles at summer. i'm the typ 'snowwhite' skin colour (do you know a better word... you know i'm just bad at english...) so i'm really, really white (miles away from tan) i like it, but freckles would be fantastic too.

Stephanie said...

Awww a vampire. Thats um..imaginative!!
I did my tag, fast i know. I love tags!! Lol
I love freckles, they're so cute :)

Natalie said...

Hey. I've been checking out your blog and I love it. It's good you're from N. Irealand too :), though like you I'm at Uni in England. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide to do, I guess it is scary not being in education anymore! Good luck with the essay too, this time in 24 hours it will be history though.

Oh, I've added you to the best blog list on my homepage.


yam said...

I read fast, too! :D

Brittany said...

thankyou for tagging! i will create a new post with the seven facts asap! :) x

Kate said...

wow you're finishing uni? congrats and good luck for whatever you're doing next (:

geisharock said...

I want that suede skirt so much but can't afford to shell out 75 quid at the moment! Especially because I also want the Aldo Maune shoes. Why is life full of temptations?? :) The A Wang vest is definitely definitely an investment piece. Ohhh I'm so tempted to suggest that you buy two (one for me) and we combine postage and save even more.... but.... NO MUST REFRAIN. I expect rewards a-plenty from my parents for surviving uni after these exams haha xoxo

Don't Be A Hero said...

my gawd, I am so similar on most of these, especially water, gah, I love it. grew up a fish basically :P so yeah, all of them except the vampire, hehe

as for driving, I was the same way, was a nervous wreck the first day, but it's actually not that difficult, get a really mellow person that'll just let you figure it out for yourself. I've found that too many instructions make me nervous and then I screw up, hehe. hope that helps!

chicknamedhermia said...

I'm able to read very quickly too, and it frustrates me when people turn around and say "Oh you didn't read it properly must've been skipping loads". Very annoying....

Twobreadsplease said...

I've done the tag! :) x

trigg and trig. said...

i love my freckles too! great blog!