Thursday, 4 June 2009

currently loving....

the blog 4th and bleeker, she has such an amazing wardrobe and puts things together so effortlessly
(from 4th and bleeker)

i'm going to be putting more up on eBay later today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out ;)

oh and i made a sneaky/fantastic eBay purchase eariler this week in the form of a sheer black shirt by Acne, so excited, hurry up mr postman!

*EDIT*: i have just put up a few more things on eBay there now, check them out here, i've also put up for sale those vintage sunglasses i bought last week because my oversized head refused to suit them :( another time in my life that i curse having a larger than normal head!


crimzonite said...

Hahaha! Thank-you for your comments! I feel like a child getting a gold star, I'm new to the blog world and I've liked your blog for a long time. Yeh you can add me, the more the merry, I say that and then my blog goes down hill. :)

geisharock said...

oooh acne tank! can't wait to see :) gave you an award on my blog xoxo

june said...


thank u for for the comments,
yaa, sure you can link our blog.
I'll link your blog tooo.

kiss xoxo

Cindy Khor said...

i also have this problem of big head and glasses usually made my sides (ear area) ache. she looks cool alright.

trigg and trig. said...

i love her too!! i have scored mojorly on ebay as of late. i finally got my bassike pants yesterday WOOO!
ps i'm going to link you.


Miss Woo said...

OMG what a gorgeous girl, thanks for the heads up :) and if only I have better Ebay luck I would have bid on all your things..(had my eyes on that high waisted leopoard print skirt.. which I missed out on T_T)

oh and btw, I just started a PHD course last year so I still got three years to go. I'm the 'eternal' student, ye gods.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great blog,
veryyy inspirational :)


La Chauve-Souris said...

oh such an amazing photo on your right I want the trouser litterally!!!!

big kiss

the weird bat

honeyortar said...

Isn't she something. Her clothes are all quite basic staples (except the dress) but she pulls them off so effortlessly!
Great pieces on ebay! I se eyou put your Topshop discount to good use!
Ah yes, it's the same store I work in, I wont be working there after summer though as Il be moving South West. perhaps you can fill my position! xo

Brittany said...

Aren't her clothes just lovely. I agree with the comment above, very effortless.

I will be sure to check out your ebay account too miss, hope everything is good with you. x

Stephanie said...

I think im probably more excited than you about your acne tank!! Post some pictures if you can!

StyleBrownie said...

Yeah i love her style too. she is damn cool.
babes i love your blog.

pistolwhipped said...

yeh how cool is alex! love her.
please outfit post your acne when it finally comes! loving your blog also! xxx pistolwhipped

ko said...

awesome diggin ur blog xx

macyaverage said...

very, very good blog. I totally agree with you.

btw, I've been tagged and now I'm passing it onto you. Just check out my blog for more details, if you have time :)

styleburst said...

she looks really great and love the way she style the clothes.

great blog. :)


A. said...

yayayay, she's really pretty, i like her photos 'cause they look pretty professional (so i want a real professional camera too).