Tuesday, 9 June 2009

shades of grey

this beautiful dress by Boutique came on the Topshop website this morning, theres something so simple just perfect about its colour and the cut of it. i'd love to team it with those fantastic wedges by Topshop i've been craving like mad. actually this would be the perfect outfit for today and the odd warm yet cloudy weather in London.
(dress by Boutique at Topshop, necklace by Tom Binns,peace ring by Aurelie Bidermann, sunglasses by House of Sunglasses, wedges by Topshop)

if i hadn't just spent the last of my money on last minute train tickets down to London yesterday, some hair dye and crap loads of bakery goods this morning, i'd so order that dress and wedges right now, darn it!


Electro Geisha said...

great picks :) think pink.. money will come. if you have a job :S well think pink :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Elisabeth. Thanks so much for recommending that personal shopper for me, she has been a huge help!
I don't suppose you know anyone who offers the same service but with american sites?
Im trying to order some shoes from the american urban outfitters website but they won't accept my card!

Thanks again for the recommendation

Ru said...

it is a beautiful dress!!

i'm really craving short dresses with long sleeves at the moment.

what colour are you going to dye yr hair?? excitement!!:]


trigg and trig. said...

your so right. that dress is perfect

ClickClikDccker said...

can you suggest any good shops in Belfast? We're thinking of heading up for a shopping day trip

Twobreadsplease said...

I love that dress and those sunglasses, yummm. x

donna AND navaz said...

Can we talk about the necklace? LOVE!!