Sunday, 26 July 2009

black on a sunday


is it wrong to want to dress like this when the sun is blazing outside? i don't think so, love the leather dress at the end.

sorry i havn't got to read any comments the last few days, have been spending my time traveling to and fro from Belfast and trying to get used to my new laptop (integrated webcam yay!)
also had a massive clearout in my wardrobe so expect lots of clothes up for sale later this week :)


rebecca said...

its totally not wierd to want to wear black on a hot day. whenever its cold i love to wear a really summery dress with a pair of flip flops! and when it comes to the summer i always wear my boots! by the way that models make up was gorgeous!

fee fee said...

After seeing all the AW09 looks I am desperate to try them out! So it's definitely not weird. x

Alana Victoria said...

Not weird.
Kinda ninja like though haha!

Love the blog, I'm normally a silent reader, but just thought I'd let you know :)

AV xo

Style Bird said...

I love these looks. LOVE the dress in the last photo..and the shoes.

Miss Woo said...

<3 this shoot from Vice! and I'm wearing black at the moment, might as well make use of the lukewarm weather when one can.

Just Like Honey said...

oh wow, is that a velvet jumpsuit i spy!
I think it is to do with the emergence of the winter collections it is distracting from summer clothes!
Shameless blog plug:

Twobreadsplease said...

That dress is amazing, I think i'd consider committing some serious crime for that velvet jumpsuit, it's tasty as. Yay for new laptops! I love how fast they run at the beginning, haha. x

Oaken Teat said...

Just ordered the black cosmic shoulder dress from Topshop. Huge fan of black!

Give me sun and I'm happy to frolick in florals. WHERE IS SUMMERRRR?

Lottie said...

love it, black for summer almost definately:)
btw given your blog an award!

crimzonite said...

love the images! I really like the jacket/coat and the dress, and she really pulls off the creepers.

...I keep seeing loads of people in those wedges you bought. I want a pair! :)

aimée said...

the black dress at the end is immense. makes me lust for hannah marshall's leather & silk babies