Friday, 3 July 2009

friday night

(dress - Whyred, sunglasses - Ray Ban Clubmasters, bikini - Opening Ceremony, sandals - Pour La Victoire)

it started with the purchase of one pair of black sunglasses today.... and all of a sudden i find myself wanting to cover myself head to toe in black. i'd be one happy bunny if i could have all these items here, then i could go sit in a corner of a beer garden, drink some JD and pretend to sulk.... but looking uber cool while doing so!


Twobreadsplease said...

I'd totally stare at you all night and wish you were my best friend while you sulked in the corner, haha. x

5:32 in the morning said...

I want those sunglasses! And would love the other stuff too.

Anonymous said...

i very naughtily purchased those sunglasses a few weeks ago....i felt so guilty after but they're SO worth it!! 15% off too at the time!

love the blog as always!

looby xx

Ashley said...

Love all black. Love the bodycon lace dress!

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Great pick of items, especially those shoes *drool* xx

Miriam said...

gahh. i love this collage! the dress the shoes the sunglasses

Anonymous said...

come to the dark side! lol
all I ever wear is black, except on a night out in that case I'll wear something bright

Emilie said...

OMG I love the sandals!