Monday, 6 July 2009

recent purchases...

(sheer blouse - Zara, nude blazer - Zara, sandals - River Island, wedges - Topshop, sunglasses - Primark)

my wonderful mother bought me the most amazing thing recently; the nude blazer i've been pining over so badly that looks like the Stella Mccartney version and was worn so well by Linn! its my graduation present from her and i cant stop wearing it! it just goes so well with everything.
and the blouse i shall actually be wearing to graduation today, so excited but nervous as well! i cant tell you enough how beautiful the blouse actually is, theres so much detail in it. wearing it with a high waisted gathered skirt in the same colour as the blazer. it was SO hard trying to find something for graduation but i wanted to wear something different from the suggested "smart and dark coloured".
oh and the lovely boyfriend brought my wedges up from London yesterday and both my parents laughed at them, my dad thinks they look like horse feet?! thank goodness i know never to take fashion advice from him :)

so i've rambled a bit, i think im nervous about today... i better go get ready now. i shall try and get a picture of my graduation outfit to show you all!


annah-logue said...

good luck for graduation! and congratulations!!

i'd be interested to see more of your outfits! the pieces you chose are always really different to ones i would go for, but when you've posted outfits i've loved them! more more more!!!

withasianstereotypes said...

I would LOVE to see your graduation photo(s)! Eli it seems like ages since I've last talked to you :(. Believe me I'm mourning it, seriously my lost. Anyhow, wish my mum would get me something other than gum haha. Your boyfriend is AMAZING, those wedges are amazing. I've been eying some for ages! I wouldn't be so nervous pretty baby, with your fantastic wardrobe what can't you do?

KISS, China L.

Twobreadsplease said...

Congratulations! Have a wonderful day and I'm sure sure sure you're going to look amazing. I love the idea of being top to toe in nude, it's yum. I'd love to see the outfit, pleeeease. The wedges look amazing! xx

renatah said...

ah that blazer wins at life! wow.
good luck!

crimzonite said...

I hope you have a great day! I'm glad you got those beautiful wedges which I think you will do justice to and that blazer is beautiful! :)

Marina S. said...

i love that blazer


selinaoolala said...

good luck today!!! the shoes look amazing, ah bet they feel so comfy too! haha and as if motel have a selina dress! people always get confused over my name, cool to have some recognition!

bellefantaisie said...

those wedges are awesome, your dad is wrong! haha! but i think dad's are meant to be on this subject! and the blazer is lush, i need one in that colour for summer x

Kate said...

I bet you'll look amazing! I love pretty much all of this (:

Anonymous said...

Best of luck graduating:)..i'm loving those black wedges and the nude blazer xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the Blazer and Jacket!!

Anonymous said...

<3<3<3 that blazer.

it is heaven.

please tell me where its from??
infact evrything is gorgeous, the sandals, wedges and the sooo pretty blouse. i have a thing at the moment for floaty creamy white blouses - i currently own 4!

looby xx

Victoria B said...

Oo this jacket is lovely! I was in Zara the other day dont you think they have sooo much lovely stuff in!!

Perhaps we could swap blogs? ill add you on my list

I loveeee this blog!!!


Demi said...

loveeeee your sandals and the nude blazer is amazing!
good luck on your graduation, honey :)

trigg and trig. said...

haha yeah the whole parent fashion advice... so glad my mom just goes 'oh leanne you make everything work'
dad? not so much.

that blazer is divine and what a wow purchase from your bf. good job bf.

trigg and trig. said...

oh ya!! congrats! :)