Sunday, 19 July 2009

Topshop A/W '09

my favourite picks from the upcoming trends....
(taken from and

since the neighbour's rooster has woken me up at four this morning, i thought i'd do something useful and take at look at the trends for Autumn/Winter for Topshop. i've already seen how the trends are going to be merged/introduced instore so im pretty excited about whats to come!
always found the winter trends and fashions nicer anyway, im definately keeping my eye out for the animal print wedges, those beaded hareem pants and that grey sculptured dress... anyone any favourites?

i better go and see if i can shake this rooster out of the tree now, throwing pebbles at it seems to only amuse it!


MargieF said...

Im liking the classic trenches and the tweed coat...and the latern skirt:)

crimzonite said...

Hmm...I'm starting to not become a huge fan of Topshop, but I like the patterned gold designed loose trousers and everything the model on the bottom row, far left is wearing. Nothing really excites me though :(

H&M do good stripe garments, but on the high street end I think Gap own that niche. I know I want a detailed lace jacket. :/

trigg and trig. said...

gaaad damn top shop is amazing

Hannah said...

Ha ha, stupid rooster. I really liked a few pieces that Susie Bubble posted a while back but I can't seem to find them in these lookbooks :/

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