Sunday, 2 August 2009

in thy name?

1. by withasianstereotypes
2. by Elizabeth & James

when i turned 13 and stopped going to church, i told myself i would never wear any jewelery with crosses etc on them for fear of wearing such symbols with hypocrisy. i still dont like saying like "OMG" or swearing "JC", it makes me squirm!

but recently i have begun to really crave a necklace covered in crosses, and a tiny piece of me feels guilty.... but 98% of my brain is saying "whatever!order that necklace from China Le now girl haha!"

p.s. you'll see i've made a link to the side of my blog for withasianstereotypes' store, just because i have the title of being China Le's biggest fan and her stuff she's made is just amazing. seriously recommend you check it out!


Natalie said...

I feel the same way about crosses. Now my Mum is a vicar which doesn't help!

Style Bird said...

Love this.

annabel said...

wow, they are lovely.
i understand what you mean though, but i suppose you have to think like "this is just a fashion statement, and nothing to do with religion". Because, ultimately, that's all they are in this case :)

Edel said...

Ahhh I've always had the exact same dilemma. I was so close to buying a load of wooden rosaries when I was on holiday but just couldn't bring myself to do it... kinda wish I had now.

Rianna Bethany said...

Both of those cross pieces are gorgeous! Get them both!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx

Twobreadsplease said...

I feel a bit funny about crosses but then again, i've got a necklace that has the virgin mary and jesus in little pendants which i love to death, so crosses are probably alright for my brain to bear too. Anyway, i'll deal with it when the crosses in question look quite as lovely as the ones you've posted. x

Life is a Maze. said...

definatly buy :)
I love your blog. xx

daisy kate said...

Get them, in the bible it says we're not to worship symbols or idols anyway so a cross should be included in that :) xx

Miss Woo said...

I know exactly what your mean, I don't want to be affliated with any religion, and even though a lot of the Christian inspired jewllery are very lovely (rosary, giant crosses) I'm unsure about wearing them.

Having say that, I bought a pentagram necklace recently, which I think is vaguely religious ( hypocrit..)