Tuesday, 4 August 2009

oh you pretty things

1. the beautiful Claire from Young Shields
2. polka dot dress from Whistles

3. Alexa Chung (Fashion Spot)

cravings for a 'pretty' dress have been floating around my head for a while but my fear of anything dainty or cute has stopped me doing anything until now. that was until i spotted the spotty dress from Whistles, i pondered over it for a few weeks and when i went in to the store today they only had one left, in my size, i had to buy it! i thinking about teaming it with my Emma Cook creeper boots, not quite ready for the 'pretty' look yet...


MargieF said...

Thats a cute dress...Whistles has some great stuff in at the moment. Well done on a great purchase lol

Twobreadsplease said...

Emma cooks and that dress will look AMAZING together, take a picture of it for us! :) Love the boater hat on the young shields lady too. xx

Kate said...

Ooh I'm sure that'll look great, can't wait to see an outfit post (: x

daisy kate said...

That will look gorgeous :) I'm still so jealous of your emma cooks, I still searched them on ebay and see the odd pair going for like £600 - and I still consider it :/ xx

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a nice dress for ages. No luck. Love your Whistles dress, so lovely.

Jowy said...


One Love,


Elizabeth said...

I <3 Alexa Chung and I have wanted a boater type hat for sooo long, also check out my new blog @

Anonymous said...

hey i put this pic of alexa on my blog! someone thought it was me, LOL

trigg and trig. said...

those shows alexa is wearing are great!

Miss Woo said...

Haha yesss I tried on that dress too, but I didn't buy it even though it was so nice. Whistles has so many gorgeous things at the moment, its totally killing me.

a. said...

it's hard to finde dresses with favourite dress potential... but that polker dot dress is such cute and so is the picture with alexa.

Electro Geisha said...

alexa does look breathtaking... can i have one?

Ashley said...

I love the photo of alexa in her room.


Anonymous said...

She's so lovely

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Nataliexxx said...

Love these images -I'm sure I've come across your wonderful blog before (?) It just looks very familiar...

anyway, will be back shortly! <3

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Ru said...

i can't believe how amazing some of the stuff in whistles is at the moment!! and here i am, still too poor too breathe:[

i think i saw you in belfast city centre a few weeks ago but i was too shy (dash didn't want to seem like a stalker) to say anything!!


Style Bird said...

I love the dress.

workhard said...

I love the dress and the heels..

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