Sunday, 11 October 2009

dont you just hate sensibility sometimes??


1. Kate Moss from inky lips
2. jumper by Monki, necklace by Peacocks, shoes by Office
3. book of photographs (2nd edition) by Lina Scheynius

right now all i want is a big bunch of flowers, that jumper from Monki, Peacock's necklace that reminds me of the one Alexa Chung wore by Mawi, some nice brown brogues and Lina Scheynius second collection of photographs. i could order these things..... but then i'd have to spend my first month in London living on Cuppa Soups and Sainsbury's basic noddles.

sometimes i hate having to be sensible!

p.s.- i got a tattoo this week :) if i havn't vacuumed up my memory card (as i believe i have done) i will take a picture to show you guys!


anywheredreams said...

First: I love your blog so much!

Second: I join you in the I-can't-but-want-to-order-all-that-stuff! Especially the jumper! I hate it that we don't have Monki in Norway yet, those clever Swedish people!

And Kate Moss can do nothing wrong...t

Kate said...

I want those brogues!

Anonymous said...

oh boy..vintage kate fascinates me sooo much

darwin said...

i hate being sensible too :( but it will probably be worth it!!? hehe that jumper is screaming at me though, aaahh

Grace said...

I love the jumper with that necklace.

Love Grace.

Electro Geisha said...

oh, a tattoo... show us. im a real sucker for them, but to svared to get one..

honeyortar said...

Love the pic of Kate! & the Office brogues! xo

Nouvel said...

I want that book. Got the first (I think? Some limited edition anyway) book & it's lovely.

a. said...


Ellie said...

i have THAT photo-book...maybe i will post it to you xo

workhard said...

The jumper, the necklace and the wedges...absolutely lovely.. i like Kate moss.. shes just so chic

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Klarz said...

the office lace up brogues are on sale now!!

Thats all the justification you need