Sunday, 4 October 2009

my favourite time of year...

1. from Viktor Vauthier
2. all clothing from Weekday except for the top middle jumper from Monki

without hesitation Autumn is my favourite time of year, inbetween the wind and gales and fallen leaves you get these amazing bursts of warm sunshine which makes everything feel so much better. not forgetting how much easier it is to dress in the autumn!
im in love (not surprisingly) with these sheer shirts and knits from Monki and Weekday. how perfect would everything go with sheer black tights and some tough looking ankle boots?

p.s. - today i'll be sorting out my wardrobe in preperation for the big move so hopefully i shall have the thrills and frills store open for business tomorrow :)


renatah said...

it's my favorite season too.
love the shopper bag in the first picture btw..

fee fee said...

Good luck with your move - look forward to seeing more outfit posts with you in them!

Susan said...

ooh i'll have to take a look when you do get stuff online, good luck with the move, are you off to London?

i really really really wish i could shop in Weekday or Monki, their clothes are just fantastic xx

Just Like Honey said...

i am unbearably excited for wrapping up warm!
i love that polka dot sheer dress, do they have online stockists?

Kate said...

that first picture is awesomeee. I love autumn too, though part of me wants it to get colder so I can wear my new coat more often (: x

p.s can't wait to see the store!

Grace said...

I can picture every one of those outfits on myself. So happy for fall.

Love Grace.

The style strutter said...

Love that picture:)!!

Twobreadsplease said...

CANNOT WAIT for things to appear in your store, will definitely be having a nosey :)
Love the sheer shirts too, the black one is especially delicious. I got myself a bike today! Feel suitably oxfordian now.

I've got the internet now, YAY, it's been too long. xxxxxx

Jade said...

i completely agree. I love Autumn, can't wait to dig out my chunky knit scarves x

Demi said...

good luck with your move :)
and autumn is defintely my favourite season too! its so pretty :) loveee all those clothes! xx

Alice said...

i got a shirt just like the top left black chiffon one in a charity shop for about £1.50.
i love it :)

Miss Woo said...

why do you have such good taste? I would absolutely love to have all the items in your collage, slouchy and simple for autumn is the best.