Friday, 6 November 2009

london update

1. jumper by Monki
2. blazer by Miss Selfridge

well i've finally moved :) living in a tiny flat in Chislehurst, London and cant believe im finally here, feels like im only down for the weekend from uni!haha
so far its been a mad week, my 'buy no clothes' plan failed on my second day here when i saw my favourite blazer from Miss Selfridge was reduced to £20, yeah so im definately going to be living on soup this month! the jumper (the one i pined over in this post) was something i ordered a while back from Filippa that finally arrived yesterday (darn postal strikes).

oh and thank you CodyJune and Rabenschwarz for the tag :)
i was asked to show whats currently in my bag....
things i currently have in my bag;
- Superdrug lip balm
- Nivea hand cream
- Stella perfume (addicted!)
- Tic Tacs
- Chanel eyeshadow
- YLS Flash Radiance primer
- purse from Urban Outfitters
- make-up bag
- Samsung mobile phone
- my 'schedule' diary (i couldn't function without this!)
- card holder (which dad bought for me in Toyko when i was 9) with my Oyster card

there's also a giant bag of strawberry laces from Ikea there but i ended up eating them while taking the photo, sorry!:D

so i now tag these lovely ladies; Cheapskate Chic, Lucripetous, Freelancer and Trigg and Trig


Vee said...

this post contains some of my favorite things; A 'what's in my bag' and hearing about people moving. I have an infatuation with new beginings and organized clutter

maxine alice said...

love this post.
where is monki in london? i'm coming next thursday and i've had a looks on their webby, it looks very good xxxxxxx

Luxe. said...

Oh my gosh that brown jumper! I love it!

Laurel said...

What a small world, live in Chislehurst too! Hope you are settling in well!
Love your blog, I've just started my own - hope you can take a look.

Miss Woo said...

YAY you're in London! So glad the move went well :)and love the Monki jumper, Scandi labels are amazing indeed.

and I'm getting on the tag right now, it's been ages since I done one!

a. said...

thank you, dear.
your bag looks soo unique and grreat.

Miss Q said...

Your bag is lovely, definitely a keeper. I really like your blog, its very pretty. I use to live in Northern Ireland, guess London feels quite different, it did for me. Hope you like it. Please check out my blog if you can. xx

crimzonite said...

That jumper is amazing; the shape, the colour and the material! Can you take the picture down, please! :)

Oyster card = London passport

My bag is really just crammed with books, folders and paper with no space for anything; but I will do a post similar to it somehow, sometime.

snoblak said...

welcome to London !

Twobreadsplease said...

I LOVE that jumper, looks like the warmest snuggliest thing ever. The card holder is also adorable. CONGRATS on the move too, we should try to meet up in london sometime :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for tagging me, will get on with that post asap! Contents of my bag is ridiculous, full of junk haha!

Thanks for your comments it feels good to finally be back blogging!
Love that monki sweater too, looks so cosy and that colour is amazing.


trigg and trig. said...

aww thanks for the tag. just did the bag post from the totally gross bag of mine.
great buys by the way!!

geisharock said...

I looove whats in my bag posts. Welcome to london! love that blazer... but its suddenly become sooo cold and I need to haul out my winter layers before braving the high street again! xoxo

Mat said...

i could go for that jumper, that would fit a boy right ;)

sara said...

i love love that olsen picture you have up! haha just had to say.

Contempo Ingenue said...

LOVE that chunky knit sweater!!

the contemporary ingenue

Marta Represa said...

The jumper is really really lovely.

whitepaige said...

love it..great post

Recent Post..disqus comment to your blog

kalinka said...

LOOOVE your bag !!