Sunday, 15 November 2009

my current world

1. faithful old Ikea light
2. my decorated side of the room that my boyfriend kindly removed his movie/comic posters from :)
3. the £3 chair from Chislehurst charity shop
4. my shelf and the ceramic kitten - after a day spent trailing the charity shops in pouring rain, the only thing i came back from Orpington with
5. the only clothes i can afford lately, my uniform for work is rather sensible but i plan to swarm it all with black just so i feel more like 'me'

a few more photo's etc from the last two weeks in London, im busy working away in Bromley's Topshop again. this last few weeks have been a blur with hardly a minute to myself. tomorrow i have my only day off and im going into London to try and find a birthday outfit for this weekend, im turning 22 and mourning the loss of my student days sad!


Bobby's Girl said...

Your collection of philosophy books is really cool :) I love that heart-shaped light you have: it's so pretty!!

Twobreadsplease said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhh, i totally see my picture! :D
I love the fairy lights too, they look gorgeous in your room. Love the new topshop shoes and I hope you're settling in well. xx

gem fatale said...

Good uniform picks. I can't find anything I want yet...
Lovely room!!

kathryn-louisa said...

Your room is lovely :) as are the Topshop shoes...I miss Topshop so much when I'm in France and always end up spending hideous amounts of money online. Ooops!


geisharock said...

wait, you moved back already?? love the brogues, i'm pondering whether to get some myself xxx

anywheredreams said...

Oh I love your room! So gorgeous with all the pictures! Love the kittens as well <3

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having Lost in Translation on <3 Such a gorgeous movie.

I hope you are settling in well ^^

Susan said...

Ha Lost in Translation, awesome! Those brogues are absolutely gorgeous, I am seriously tempted! Glad you are settling in well to your new home! xx

Miss Woo said...

I LOVE YOUR ROOM! The little ceremic kitten is like the icing on the cake, so cute! x

Pocket Mouse said...

Your little world looks magical :)
I hope you can visit my blog sometime

ashley said...

I love your room!!!
And the Topshop shoes :)

John Bannister said...

hi, are you working in Bromley again then? Feels weird to not live in the area anymore! xoo

thatcanadiangirl said...

Hi Elizabeth, I'm dropping you a line on behalf of Bicester Village - we'd love to invite you to a special event for bloggers on 4th Dec, so if you're in the area, drop me a line ( or @vero on Twitter and I'll send you some details :)


poor little rich girl said...

very cute !

i also have that dear diary book .
i was definitely judging the book by its cover cause the inside is crap .

Compare said...

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