Wednesday, 30 December 2009

the christmas presents....

1. anchor necklace by Urban Outfitters and tiny bat necklace by Giles & Brother from my boyfriend
2. vintage coat from my boyfriend
3. brogues by Topshop bought for myself
4. Easy Sew Bunny Kit from UO, 'the Goddess Guide' by Gisele Scanlon, 'the Polaroid Book' by Barbara Hitchcock, 'Cooking with Coolio' by Coolio, stuffed toy from Where the Wild Things Are from the boyfriend and friends
5. cuckoo clock from UO, a present for the flat
6. heart watch, mint green nail varnish and Paul & Joe lipstick from UO, ring from Anthropologie
- little gifts to myself :)

surprisingly i have a very good Christmas this year, not that i thought it'd be rubbish, but with being away from the family and constantly working i thought it'd pass in a blur, instead i enjoyed a long weekend with the boyfriend and his brother watching lots of movies and taking nice long walks. even more surprising was christmas dinner which none of us had cooked before, i can now say proudly that i can make pretty good stuffing!

presents wise i felt very spoilt with lots of stocking goodies and little presents from friends and family. my favourite being the vintage coat and Giles & Brother necklace from my boyfriend :) and i couldn't stop laughing at the 'cooking with coolio' book given by a friend - a recommended read!

hope santa was good to everyone ;)


Kate said...

lovely necklaces and coat (: also i am very jealous of that clock! happy new year x

Bobby's Girl said...

ooooh awesome gifts! love the coat :)

Ciao Bella said...

ah jealous! i love that coat.
all of your stuff is too cute.

kathryn-louisa said...

Aaaah you got some lovely gifts, I love the necklaces and that clock is AMAZING!! Glad Christmas away from home was still good fun :)


Natalie said...

Giles and Brother pendants are so lovely

stephy said...

i'm quite jealous. got some great christmas presents myself, but yours are just lovely :)

gem fatale said...

Wow, lovely presents!
Cooking with Coolio sounds hilarious!

Twobreadsplease said...

lovely lovely gifts, i adore the necklaces especially, your boyfriend has good taste x

Anonymous said...

Awsome pressies! I LOVE the sparkle and fade nail varnish - I just got it in gold, it has become my recent obsession- regardez ici -

I love seing it when I type! (Ok, I AM obsessed), Love your blog.

OliviaDias said...

love love love the clock! and urban outfitters has the cutest necklaces. xxx