Sunday, 3 January 2010



i bought these little beauties on Esty recently but was heart broken when they were a little too small :( got to stop trying to squeeze my 5.5 feet into 5's!
so thought i'd offer them up here for sale if anyone wants them. they're in excellent condition for vintage, look like they havn't been worn very much and a UK size 5.
if your interested give me a email ( and we can discuss P&P costs.


Twobreadsplease said...

why are my feet so small? :(

Dreamy said...

my feet are also too big, but which etsy site did you find these on?

Pretty Morose said...

ha these are adorable. dead with jealousy but I don' have £20. I hope the person who buys them looks after them!

Eloise said...

Same! 6's always too big, 5's always too small... bring back haklf sizes in their masses.