Monday, 15 February 2010

all that glitters

images; knightcat, vamoose, glitz glitter at etsy

it doesn't seem to know whether to snow or rain at the moment here and it just seems constantly cloudy. makes you crave a little bit of sparkle :)
espeically love the 'fools gold' necklace from Vamoose and this amazing nugget ring from Etsy.


ELLE said...

My gosh, thank you for showing me this ring.

Chrissy said...

That is so pretty :). I totally agree when things get dull in the winter we can always use a sparkle.

DREAMY said...

oo yes yes! im feeling the gold. i think those shoes would make me feel magical! and your jumper purchase in the last post is very cute.

oakenteat said...

All the street frost has definitely left me craving some sparkle! Bored of ice cold dog turds littered about, nice to see an aesthetically pleasing nugget! (The ring)

Always enjoy your blog Lady Elisabeth! Have re-posted one of your jumbles of wish-lists here on Oakenteat. x

Gem said...

Lovely post! Am definitely feeling the doom and gloom of the weather so thank's for the bling!

c'est freak, le chic said...

Nothing nicer than a bit of glitter. I love that skirt!

Corrinne said...

Love that skirt, and the necklaces. Actually i can't choose, there all gorgeous!

geisharock said...

oooh love the nugget ring. i really want a sequin skirt like that but can't seem to find one that isn't blingbling xxx

Clare said...

Mmm... These are all so lovely, little bit magical :)